Power Station in Your Car

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You know the awkward moment when you are driving somewhere but your phone has gone flat, even if you have the charging cable but still could’t find the USB plug in the car to charge your device. Well what we recommend today is a small gadget that perfectly solve this problem: EasyAcc triple USB ports car charger.

With three USB output ports (one 2.1A port, one 2A port, and one 1A port) and a maximum output current of 5.1A, you can charge up to three devices at full speed while on the road. So if you are taking a long trip by car, you can keep all of your devices going with our triple USB car charger. The compact design also allows you to take it with you wherever you go, meaning that running out of power is something that you can safely put in the past. Plug the EasyAcc car charger into your car’s cigarette lighter and you are already halfway there. Once the car charger’s plugged in, just use USB cables to connect your devices to the 3 output ports, and your devices will begin charging. It’s just that easy.

Feel like you need this power station in your car? It is now available at great price in US, UK, and Germany:

Get it before the great price disappear, it is also a lovely gift your friends who have a car. With EasyAcc, life can never be easy like this.




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  1. Like many others, this is my first time commenting here. I really adore this blog and check it pretty often.


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