Back to college refreshingly, yet powerfully— Updated


QQ图片20140807173611Tis the season to pack up your luggage to start college or enter your second and third years in the coming months. While you wait, you might be drawing up lists of items that you have to take with— from the sleeping mask to notebooks. But what about technology?

Actually, most of  you have already owned a smartphone, a laptop or even a tablet equipping your coming college days. But would all these tech items be enough and satisfy you and your campus colorful life? The answer is absolutely negative.

Going beyond staple smartphones and personal computers, there are frankly cool tech gadgets for you available, from high capacity power bank to long-time portable audio player while you are searching the internet and shout out what you need.

And when you come to EasyAcc family, you would get more surprises, no matter where you are.

Here, several products with different discounts would be offered.Young men and women holding mobile phones

The No.1 featured product comes to Brilliant Ultra-slim 10000Ah Power Bank series. With generally recognized short battery life of tech devices on the market, taking along a power station to charge your gadgets or your friends’ with full juice is becoming the mainstream. Sometimes, for some freshman, it will help you make friends and stand out faster than others. With Brilliant, just say goodbye to being wallhuggers.–black-series.html

If you are still worried about the low volume or bad quality of sound in your BHI# 08-026 - Hendrix Collegelaptop,  then, the recommendation comes to the EasyAcc Five-Star Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Music Cube with Super Bass Amplification Effect. Once turning on the Bluetooth function or connecting with the allocated cable, phenomenally clear, resonant and room-filling sound will flow into the air around you at the moment, even applied in the indoor movie-share, music enjoyment and gaming mode with roommates and friends.

What is the tech saver? it means saving you out of trouble while there is no other solutions. Here, this WallSmart 5 USB Ports Wall Charger deserves the title. Equipped with it, when all of your smartphones, tablets, music players need to be fed at the same time with only one charging port, you would fall into headache never again. In addition, with safety approval of CE/ FCC for the product, no worry about your devices and data. EasyAcc, make your life easier.—us-standard.html

Still anxious about your desk with a ball of data or charging links in a mess? There comes to our D40 USB 3.0 4-Port Anodized Aluminum Hub. Such a multiple ports can not only free yourself from cable-chaos, but also leave behind the hassles to switch or unplug again. Broaden your vision and thinking with a clean and tidy desk at once.–and-self–powered-4-port-anodized-aluminum-hub.html

Only with good protection and care, would your tech devices release their power and enrich your life endlessly. Lastly, we offer your 13.3 inches laptop with this Felt Sleeve Carrying Bag. Designed with microfiber, such an environmentally-friendly material, you would keep your laptop clean and safe on one hand, and keep your earphone, charging cable, cards, keys or notebook tidy on the other hand. Such a beautiful and rugged in felt at an economical price, why not?–grey.html

Now, is there something mostly hype coming to your mind? QQ图片20140807171728

More Surprises wait for you now…

LET’S see what the amazing preferential policies are in different countries.

EasyAcc Brilliant Series 10000mAh Dual-ports Ultra-slim Portable Power Bank (Black+Silver only)


EasyAcc Wallsmart 5 USB ports Wall Charger -white colour only-


EasyAcc Superspeed Aluminum Alloy 4 USB Ports Hub -Black and Silver-

Just one click, your college life will be totally different, refreshingly yet powerfully.

Due to the hot sale of the Super Bass Audio player and short storage, we are so sorry to cancel the great discount temporarily. If you are an honest fan of this Audio, please check out the related updates on Blog, Facebook and Twitter. 






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