Does PowerBeats Pro charging case support wireless charging?

Apple’s Beats brand launched its newest wholly wireless earphones, PowerBeats Pro. It’s an improved wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. Just like other true wireless earbuds, a dedicated charging case comes in the box for providing extra battery life. Does the case support wireless charge as AirPods 2? Does PowerBeats Pro charging caseContinue reading “Does PowerBeats Pro charging case support wireless charging?”

Does Huawei P30/ P30 Pro support fast charging

Huawei P30 lineup has been released for a while. The most eye-catching feature on them is the superior camera. After all, P is for Photography, that’s the essential sales point for P series. However, I won’t talk about how cool are their cameras, there have been enough articles discussing them. Let’s know more about the easy-to-be-ignoredContinue reading “Does Huawei P30/ P30 Pro support fast charging”

Does Huawei P20 have wireless charging

On 27th March, two Chinese brands, Huawei and Xiaomi, announced their first mobile phone supporting wireless charging. However, both Huawei P20 and P20 Pro are out of the list. Only Huawei RS Porsche supports 10W wireless charging which is 80% faster than iPhone X. This is a sad news to us. Because most of us won’tContinue reading “Does Huawei P20 have wireless charging”

How to Add Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, refers to charge your mobiles phones wirelessly, or without wires. Some of mobile phones on current market are made with built-in wireless charging technology, such as Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy S7, Sony Xperia Z4V, while others don’t (here to see if your device is Qi wireless chargingContinue reading “How to Add Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones”

Is Your Device Qi Wireless Charging Compatible? Check the List!

Just as its name implies, Qi wireless charging refers to charging your devices wirelessly with Qi technology instead of using any cables. Most of wireless charging products are based on Qi technology nowadays, but not all phones and devices are made with Qi built-in. if you want to know if your device is Qi compatible,Continue reading “Is Your Device Qi Wireless Charging Compatible? Check the List!”