Is iPhone 11 Pro Max the best gaming phone?

iPhone 11 Pro Max and its siblings were released over three months ago, and many people have been debating on how they perform on cameras, apps, chips and so forth over other competitors like Google Pixel 4 and Galaxy Note 10. While for most phone game lovers, the main question is: is iPhone 11 ProContinue reading “Is iPhone 11 Pro Max the best gaming phone?”

How to Properly Charge iPhone11?

iPhones are remarkable devices and it uses really silky and smooth. However, it turns as dull as any other brand once it hits a low battery. How to properly charge the iPhone and keep it in a good performance, therefore, is quite an important thing for every iPhone consumer. Especially when you just get yourContinue reading “How to Properly Charge iPhone11?”

Does the iPhone 11 have USB C port?

There are so many rumors about the truth that released iPhone 11 support USB C .If it is true, this could be the end of  5W chargers . With the iPad Pro making switch the USB-C,next year’s phone 12 could also ditch the Lightning port. It is hard to imagine that iPhone give up theContinue reading “Does the iPhone 11 have USB C port?”