Ipad Pro 9.7 vs 12.9: Differences and Similarities

As the 2 newest products in Apple’s Pro series, ipad pro 12.9 inches which was released in November 2015 and its smaller brother iPad pro 9.7 inches released in March 2016 are naturally compared by people who want to by an iPad pro. Today in this passage, we will do an iPad Pro 9.7 vsContinue reading “Ipad Pro 9.7 vs 12.9: Differences and Similarities”

How to Charge Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is an amazing stylus and great iPad Pro accessory, but it doesn’t offer any way to tell how much of a charge is left on its battery. Here we offer you some tips to check your Apple Pencil battery charge and how to charge it.   How to Check Your Apple Pencil BatteryContinue reading “How to Charge Apple Pencil”

How To Charge iPad Pro Faster

Bigger is better, bigger is in. When Apple finally worked out this problem with widening budget for big screen, this motto isn’t just for smartphone. The new apple iPad Pro 12.9 is by far Apple’s largest tablet to date. With this new popular product comes a bevy of cool cases, keyboards, styli, and other accessories toContinue reading “How To Charge iPad Pro Faster”