Is Macbook Pro 2018 Worth It?

The new MacBook Pro for 2018 is here.¬†Although Apple has significantly upgraded the 2018 MacBook Pro this time. Compared with Apple’s older two MacBook Pros after 2016, you can’t see a significant difference in appearance. It’s still the familiar color, the familiar Touch Bar, the familiar touchpad and the familiar Apple logo. Is it theContinue reading “Is Macbook Pro 2018 Worth It?”

Best MacBook Pro Accessories 2017

In addition to the requirements towards a device, people are also likely to find some accessories to realize the utmost convenience when using it. Here I will introduce the best Macbook Pro accessories in 2017 to you. For Macbook Pro Type C accessories : Take Advantage of¬† 50% Off discount on Indiegogo here!   USB-CContinue reading “Best MacBook Pro Accessories 2017”