Can you quick charge Apple Airpods Pro?

Apple surprisingly debuted the Airpods Pro in October 2019, only 7  months after the launch of Airpods 2 , Apple broke the rountine and released 2 earbuds products at the same year. Actually the Airpods Pro are not replacing the Airpods 2 as much as they are living on the site alongside with them, they areContinue reading “Can you quick charge Apple Airpods Pro?”

How to charge AirPods Pro? How about its battery life?

Apple released its first noise-cancellation completely wireless headphones in early November. AirPods Pro has a notable upgrade over the 2nd-generation AirPods, but still have features of the regular AirPods. How about its charging method and battery life? Do they change or stay the same? How to charge AirPods Pro? To charge your AirPods Pro, justContinue reading “How to charge AirPods Pro? How about its battery life?”