Can you quick charge Apple Airpods Pro?

Apple surprisingly debuted the Airpods Pro in October 2019, only 7  months after the launch of Airpods 2 , Apple broke the rountine and released 2 earbuds products at the same year. Actually the Airpods Pro are not replacing the Airpods 2 as much as they are living on the site alongside with them, they are not only the new Airpods but also the best of Airpods currently. 


What makes the Airpods Pro different? The new added feature of noise-cancelling and transparancy modes. Noise cancellation is not a new thing but people previously only used Airpods will love that. While the trasparancy mode uses the micro headphones built-in to pass through audio around you and it’s really natural sounding, maybe a little bit of hiss exaggeration at the high end, but it’s easy for you to forget you’re wearing them. However, new features means new battery draining source. Apple claims that Airpods Pro last 4.5 hours with noise-cancelling or transparancy mode on and 5 hours when it’s off. Honestly the battery life is not so impressed, one day one charge may not satisfy the audio lovers and long-journey travellers. 

Do Airpods Pro feature quick charge? Yes, thanks to the H1 chip, it gets one hour of listening time after 5 minutes charging,which should help get you through long commute. How to quick charge Airpods Pro? Simply put the Airpods Pro into the charging case and it will automatically activate the fast charging function. Is it the only way to charge Airpods Pro? I’m afraid yes, without the charging case you cannot charge the Airpods Pro alone. However the charging case supports Qi wireless charging and it provides extra listnening time up to 24 hours. 


How to quick charge the charging case of Airpods Pro? Obviously wireless charging is not the most efficient way. The included lightning to USB-C cable and a quick charge wall adapter is a better solution. How long does it take to fully charge Airpods Pro? It depends on the power level of the adapter you use, there are 18W,30W and 61W Apple USB-C power adapters for iPad and MacBook accordingly, theorectically the higher the output power is, the faster the charging could be. There’s a 1.98Wh watch-style button cell battery located inside of each AirPod Pro, the charging time will be approximately 1.98Wh/18W/70%= 10 minutes if the 18W power adapter is applied ( 70% indicates the power transmission efficiency).  

Airpods Pro are relatively expensive on the market, while with the water resistance , noise-cancelling and fast charging, they are quite the best non-best headphones you can buy so far. 

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