How to fix iPad battery draining problems

Generally, an iPad can last about 10 hours for browsing the web, emailing or chatting. However, you may find your iPad battery draining too fast all of a sudden. If you have had the iPad for years, it might be due to the natural aging of battery life. Check the battery health on the device by opening the Settings>>Battery>>Battery health. Once the battery capacity falls below 80%, you may need to get a replacement. Apple will replace it for free under the 1-year warranty plan, and you can purchase one on your own if it’s over 1 year.

The other potential culprit can be software. The newly-installed iPadOS 15 may come with several bugs like the unstable iPadOS 15 version, malfunctioning apps, and faulty settings, which directly lead to your iPad battery draining so quickly. In this case, we recommend that you leave the things a day or two to get back to normal naturally. If it’s still the same after that, try the methods below.

Lower power on your iPad

There’s no Low Power Mode on iPad, but you still have a lot to do to save the battery.

  • Turn on Reduce Motion to reduce the animations displayed on-screen. Just go to Settings>>Accessibility>>Motion>>Reduce Motion, and then switch it to green.
  • Turn on Auto-Lock. Open Settings>>Display and Brightness>>Auto-Lock. You can choose 5 Minutes for the best result.
  • Turn off Pushing Mail settings and choose a Fetch schedule instead. Go to Settings>>Mail>>Accounts>>Fetch New Data, and then turn off Push.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh to prevent your iPad from constantly running and downloading new data. Tap Settings>>Genral>>Background App Refresh. Disable the feature or only allow a few apps.
  • Delete all or some widgets, especially when you even don’t know them. Just long-press the widget you want to remove, then tap Remove.

Reset your iPad

Resetting your device is one of the traditional troubleshooting methods. It can help fix minor glitches and improve battery life. For iPads that have a home button, press and hold the home button and the on/off button at the same time until the screen turns off. Keep holding until you see the Apple logo. For iPads without a home button, press and hold the top button and one volume button until the screen turns off the logo appears.

Restore your iPad

In extreme cases (like you’ve tried all the possible solutions and things still don’t improve), you may consider restoring your iPad as new. Back up your iPad via the cloud, such as iCloud, iTunes, and Finder. To restore your iPad, connect it to your laptop and launch iTunes or Finder. Click the device icon on the top-left corner, and then Restore iPad>>Restore. You will lose all your data and have to set up a lot again, but this will prevent your iPad from draining fast.


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