How to boost your phone signal

It may be just on a normal day, you are just sitting in your living room or on your car for work, texting or chatting via your mobile phone, and all of a sudden, the signal drops off and all you are doing has to end. You are not alone. Nearly everyone has ever experienced poor signal. But the question is, is there any way to get rid of this awkward situation?

Remove the objects that interfere with your phone signal

Generally, glass, wood and drywall allow more signal to pass through than metal, concrete, and stone. So if you are in a room with thick wall or in a valley, you are more likely to have weak signal. When you are in an important call indoor, you can move closer to the open window or walk upstairs for stronger cell waves. Remember, what you can do is to be in line with the cell tower with minimal obstructions.

Check your smartphone battery

When your phone tries to connect to the nearest cell tower, it is actually consuming more of your battery power. So if your phone runs critically low in battery, it is more likely to be difficult to locate the tower, as your phone is programmed to conserve as much battery as posisible. Turn off all the notification popups, lower the screen brightness, and make sure there’s no apps running in the background. In the case of travelling, bring a portable charger on you.

Avoid heavy traffic

It is common that when you are in a concert, sports show or any other grand activities, you have higher chance to have dropped calls, slow upload and download speeds, low quality calls, and you are unable to send text messages. That is because in the highly-populated areas, too many people are sharing the nearest cell tower at the same time. So if that happens, just get to a quiet place where you are alone.

Use signal booster

For those who constantly have weak phone signal at home or car because of the building materials, the most common solution is to use a signal booster. They can amplify the signal by up to 32 times and broadcast the much strengthened reception inside. This provides the powerful signal on your cell phone, which is of the maximum possible strength.

Other tips

There are ways to boost the signal via your smartphone. First, if you get a “no service” on your phone, try turning the “Airplane Mode” on and wait for 5 seconds to turn it off again. This should get your cell phone service back by reconnecting to a closer cell tower. If that doesn’t make a difference, try removing and reinserting the SIM card or restarting your phone.

In other cases, weak smartphone signal might be due to the software bug. Go to Settings>>General>>Software Update to see if there is an update available. If so, download and install the update.


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