Do Galaxy Buds Pro fall out of your ears easily?

Just five months after Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds Live, the South Korean company released the new one: Galaxy Buds Pro. The Buds are a far cry from their bean-shaped predecessors –just back to the usual form as eartip-equipped funnels of sound. So how does the Galaxy Buds Pro fit to your ears? Will they fall out easily?

The fact is, the Buds fit well to ears, but still not perfect. When you wear them to bed, you will just feel uncomfortable and even painful. Besides, because they lack a way to actually “lock” them into your ear, they shift periodically, which means you have to readjust them or else the seal will weaken and noise cancellation will slowly diminish as you wear them.

Nonetheless, there are two additional sets of eartips for you to get a better seal. Just start by flipping the earbud tip inside out, and then insert it over the latch at the bottom of the earbud. Make sure to line up the hole on the earbud tip with the latch on the bud. Then, push the earbud tip down to finish attaching it.

Actually, the easiest way to have earbuds that don’t fall out of your ears is to select the right earbuds according to your ear shape. This is especially imprtant if you love wearing earbuds while running or doing other exercises.

1. Select earbuds with ear hooks

Wearing the earbuds with ear hooks may be the easiest solution. The hook makes it easy to secure earbuds onto your ears without needing in-ear technology and regardless of your ear size. But you still should smaller hooks if you have smaller ears.

2.Select sweat-proof earbuds

Sweat-proof earbus are the best choice for people whose earbuds fall out when exercising. These headphones are not all plastic like AirPods, and they are better protected from sweat and water, so they are less likely to slip out of your ears when you exercise.

3.Select wireless earbuds

Sometimes earbuds fall out of your ears is because you are accidentally catching your headphone cable. Well, the wireless earbuds will definitely solve the problem. These earbuds work entirely via Bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally pulling them out or the wire getting tangled.


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