Is it safe to trick-or-treat in 2020?

Halloween is one of the most loved festivals in the world, but the year 2020 seems to be so unfriendly to that. According to the investigation from Harris Poll Servey, more than 70% of millennial moms are planning to make “the most” of Halloween with their families, and 80% regard the trick-or-treat at the top of their to-do-list. So is it safe to go trick-or-treating during this Halloween and COVID-19? 

The answer is yes, as long as you are living in areas where the community prevalence is lower and you strictly follow some rules to protect yourself. 

Halloween trick-or-treat

  • First, limit the number of trick-or-treat group to 3-4 kids. Make sure all the families participating in the game have been keeping social distancing. Do trick-or-treating outside your home rather than hold house parties or any event that involves welcoming your neighbors into your home. 
  • Don’t take off your regular masks for the sake of Halloween masks, especially if the Halloween ones don’t sufficiently cover the face. 
  • Ask your children not to dig around a candy bowl, touching multiple pieces, and stay away from people that came from other neighborhoods.
  • Don’t share props, toys, or bowls. Ask each of your children to hold onto their own swords, wands, or tiaras.
  • Bring hand sanitizer wherever you go. If your kids run between multiple homes, it is important to give them some sanitizer to clean their hands. Train them not to touch the face or the mask frequently. 

If trick-or-treaters knocked on your door, should you answer that? Of course you can. Some people come up with the idea that considering grouping candy in grab-and-go bags that each visitor can take (Don’t forget to wear your own mask!). That way, kids don’t have to reach into a communal bowl. To prevent hustling, you can also ask the kids to line up individually for prepared treat bags.


EasyAcc Halloween Candy Bag -4pcs

EasyAcc Halloween Candy Bag

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