How to have fun and stay safe during Halloween&COVID-19

Many Halloween traditions mean large gatherings, which may seem unsafe during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there are still plenty of other ways that can bring us joy without exposure to the virus. Just remember: keep a distance of six feet from others, wear the face mask any time, and wash your hands often. 

Spooky Movie Night

halloween movie night

This is especially great to do for families at home. Celebrate the movie night by dressing up as your favorite character. Find an age-appropriate movie for your child and watch it as a family. You can also ask your children to invite video chats with their friends and start the online party at the same time. Just have fun! That may be the first time your child can wear a costume that isn’t buried under a parka.

Decorating Pumpkins

This may be the best Halloween tradition that is both safe and fun. As always, just be careful not to get injured when carving the pumpkin. Children can design the face with markers, while parents can do the cutting. After all is done, put a light inside. A battery-operated light would be safer than an open-flame candle. As for the pumpkin seeds, just roast it as a healthy snack!

Halloween-themed Treats

Halloween themed treats

Show your creativity in Halloween treats as a family. You can make a pizza with toppings in the shape of jack-o-lantern, or just make a tangerine pumpkin. Make sure the food doesn’t have choking hazards if your kids are under the age of 3.

Outdoor Events

Though outdoor community events are the least recommended, it is feasible if you follow social distancing and stay away from the crowd. Avoid indoor events such as haunted houses. The local haunted forest or corn maze would be better. Ask your kids to use hand sanitizer from time to time. If you are still worried about their behavior, go with them outside and have fun together.

The COVID-19 pandemic can be a great chance for you and your kids to be creative in exploring some new traditions in Halloween for your family! It is also a good time to teach them the importance of protecting themselves and others as well. Have a great time!


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