Factors to consider when buying an electric fan

Despite the convenience of air conditioner, electric fan is still the most affordable way to get a cool breeze on a hot day. But choosing a fan that best suits you isn’t a decision to take lightly. Here we conclude some factors for you to take into consideration when deciding which one to buy.

Types of fans

There are a variety of fans out there, but they can be categorized into 8 types as below:

Desk fan: These fans only occupies a small space on your desk or table, offering a quiet, cool breeze for your work.

Handheld fan: If you want to stay cool wherever you go, handheld fan is the best choice. It is handheld, and is small enough to put into your bag.

Tower fan: Tower fan suits the small room, as it is thin, compact, and usually quieter than traditional fans.

Pedestal fan: Pedestal fans are very tall, usually reaching a height for a breeze right at your face.

Floor fan: Floor fans are more powerful than desk fans and shorter than pedestal fans. They are light enough and don’t take much room.

Bladeless fan: Bladeless fans suck air to the base and then shoot it through the ring at the top. The wind is consistent, and there’s no noise. However, they may be the most expensive ones.

Features of fans

Fans may have some extra features for better user experience. Basically, they include oscillating head (the ability to move air from side to side), tilt action (the ability to adjust the angle of fans), speed settings (to enable you to adjust the noise/wind level as you want). Now some fans also have colored lights,  the cap for essential oil pallets, and more features you may like.

Take your need into consideration

Where are you going to use the fan: Different fans behave differently in a certain area. For instance, if you want a fan for the office, a tower fan is preferred because it is thin and takes little space. 

Whether or not there are children: If you have children or pets in your home, it’s better to avoid the fans with large grills and which is easy to be knocked down.

Portability of the fan: If you will move your fan frequently, or take it out on you anytime, portability is the first thing you need to consider. No idea which one to choose? Check the quality one we recommend for you.

Noise level of the fan: If you care much about noise when you sleep, or the fan is just for your baby, you will need a fan with no noise or at least quiet enough. If possible, try out the fan at the store on your own to exactly check the noise level.

How easy it is to clean: Some fans are very elegant, but you’ll find it frustrating when you need to have a deep cleaning. For example, tower fans will require you to disassemble the base of the fan and unscrew several panels just to gain access to the gunk accumulated around the blades.


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