What to do if your Apple Watch gets wet?

These days people are more and more interested in talking about waterproof iPhones or iWatches. It has been known to many that not a few phone manufacturers have labeled IP ratings for their phones, but it is the same for Apple smart watches? And what should we do if our Apples Watch gets wet? Let me explain it for you.

Ever before the release of IP ratings, Apple Watch could have been able to cope with splash, spray, and even total liquid immersion. More specifically, that is when Apple just launched iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 1.The subsequent Watches are officially certified as water-resistant to a higher degree, or we can say they are designed for swimming. These models are said to have an ISO rating of 22810:2010, which means they can withstand water at up to  50 meters of depth.

However, Apple has never  announced its Watches as waterproof, as it is an adjective rather convincing. As a result, Apple recommends not to wear the watch when scuba diving or water skiing, which is actually an occasion that high-speed water would be forced into ports of the device. On the other hand, try to avoid wear them in the sea, because the salt or potential  acidic materials might come in as well.

Water Lock

Apple Watch Series 2 and the successors all feature “Water Lock”. It is a function that prevents water from activating the touchscreen of your watch and helps eject water from inside. You can activate Water Lock in two methods. The first one is to starting a Pool Swim or Open Water Swim exercise activity in the WorkOut App to automatically enables it. Alternatively, you can activate Water Lock in Control Center (swipe up on the watch face) and tap on the water icon. After you finished exercise and iWatcget back to dry land,  unlock the screen by rotating the Digital Crown dial, you will hear your watch make a repeated beeping noise — that is how it vibrate the speaker diaphragm and dislodge any remaining water in the speaker aperture.

Other Tips

If you forget activate Water Lock before getting in the water, which is often the case (like accidentally dropping your watch in the sink, toilet etc.), you can still use this function to dislodge any remaining water. If the watch has the potential to get affected by water containing acidic components, such as the pool or sea, gently rinse it with warm tap water and dry it with a lint-free cloth . You can also leave the watch to evaporate further on the charger overnight, and check to see if  it still works well the next day. These methods, of course, apply to Apple Watch series 1 as well, which does not have a “Water Lock”.



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