Does Samsung Galaxy S20 series support dual SIM

Samsung and Apple’s war for the best high-end technology products is fierce. Samsung devoted to develop  the newest flagship phones or buds and Samsung ‘s new foldable Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup.Every model has its own unique feature and acuupied the most of markets.Samsung  has  taken a big step at the beginning of the 2020.

Here is a tiny question to concern, does Samsung Galaxy S20 series support dural SIM? The answer is not absolute.According to the  publishing, It depends on the model.Samsung sells two versions of the Galaxy S20, and the Snapdragon 865 model that’s available in the U.S. has a single SIM card slot. The global variant with the Exynos 990 comes with a dual SIM card slot. On the single SIM model, you have room for one nano-SIM and a microSD card up to 1TB.In my opinion, it is the best choice for the global variant.Unfortunately, you can’t buy the global variant in the US.It should be noticeable that the dual SIM is not including the two SIM cards.but two nano-SIM cards or a SIM card and a MmcroSD card.You must  purchase the global variant one if you are  always travelling or on business.If you are living in the US for a long time,there is no real need for a dual-SIM consumer phone in the USA, So the handset makers (like Apple with the iPhone) do not market Dual-SIM phones.

Now that  there is  dual SIM  card , it is usual to release the global variant directly to the US.While he fact is that the majority of everyday people don’t use a dual sim card cell phone, or need one.Based the market,Sansung only offered the single SIM card slot.If you have a great demand for the dual card ,you can buy it on Amazon.There are also have another top dual sim smartphones you can choose, such as Huawei P30 Pro,Samsung Galaxy S10 and son on.A dual-SIM phone offers more flexibility in that you can use two different numbers on the same device.Add a second SIM card for dual SIM capability, or Insert a microSD card for more storage — making you twice as connected with one device.

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