Is Haptic Touch better than 3D Touch on iPhone 11 series?

After release of iPhone 11 Pro, we all  already knew that the iPhone 11  Pro  eliminated the 3D touch.With iOS 13 all 3D Touch devices basically turn into Haptic Touch devices.Do you prefer 3D Touch  or Haptic Touch ? Someone claimed that 3D touch is  much better to use than Haptic Touch and they want to give them an option to turn on IOS 12 era 3D Touch if they want it! Why do many people prefer the 3D touch? Actually,the  protest against quitting 3D Touch on all of iPhone devices is not obvious.  Does it announced that  the era of 3D Touch will be over? Let’s figure out  which one is the best one .

What is 3D Touch?

3D Touch is multitouch made multidimensional.  You just press deeply to launch actions  with it instead of apps, reply to notifications, preview messages and links, switch keyboards, switch apps, animate Live Photos, vary stroke width,.What ‘s more , It’s like a wormhole through iOS that lets you move around faster than ever. 3D Touch  allows you to access various application functions on your mobile phone directly from the main menu and see eg. pictures, messages and addresses without opening them. Tap the indicator next to “3D Touch” to turn on the function.But, how many  times do you use the feature in one day?   


What is Haptic Touch?

Haptic Touch features the haptic vibration,which combines the long -press.You can use it to clear all notifications as well by Haptic Touching the x icon within the Notification Center. You can now bring up a trackpad while typing text into the keyboard by long-pressing the space bar, allowing you to easily fix any typing mistakes that you’ve made.With Haptic Touch, when you hold your finger or thumb on an icon within iOS, the length of time will be acknowledged with a small vibration and a shortcut will appear, if available. When  you firstly operate the function, you maybe feel a little annoyed to work with beacause of the long- press.


How is Haptic Touch different to 3D Touch?


In some way, does it bother you that they changed 3D Touch? Which one do  you prefer to use? Haptic Touch is software based rather than hardware based, which make  it  easy to deliver the edge-to-edge LCD displays found in the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models.On the contrast, 3D Touch  based on hardware, which is not  compatible with the new LCD. From the way of  operation, 3D Touch depends on the force of your press, while, Haptic Touch rely on the length of time .On the other hand, Haptic Touch is faster than 3D Touch.According to Apple, Haptic Touch “lets you do things faster, like take seflies without launching the camera app”. Another  defferent point is that when you long press some apps with  Haptic Touch , widgets will appear along with a shortcut menu.


Summing Up 

All in all,  Eventhough, Haptic Tpuch has  tiny difference with 3D Touch,  there are something that Haptic can ‘t do . Such us, It can ‘t have quick actions on the Home Screen since long-pressing on apps is already used for rearranging and deleting apps and also can’t use live wallpapers on the iPhone XR. Another thing you can’t do with Haptic Touch is peeking and popping. According to this, there are limitation about the Haptic Touch. If you are addicted to the 3D Touch, the iPhone XR with Haptic Touch will not be the best choice for you .

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Is Haptic Touch better than 3D Touch on iPhone 11 series?》有2个想法

  1. I hate haptic touch! I use 3D Touch in best way! Now good bye ? 3D Touch on iPhone in 2019 Fuck! APPLE inc…

    1. ‌obviously,3D Touch‌ is a faster press with force kind of gesture that activates quicker,most of people don’t like the haptic touch,It’s really slower.


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