Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ 10 Plus have IR blaster


After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, the discussion about its IR blaster is getting more and more heated. Some people regard it as a functionality that comes in handy while some perceive it as a redundancy. Let’s dig out what causes such disagreement and whether the Galaxy Note will come with IR blaster in its next model.


Where is the IR blaster 

Even before the release, there are the users in twitter showing a case manufactured for Galaxy Note 10, which show an extra hole on top of the case. As a matter of fact, in past couple of months or past few years, IR blaster is equipped in Galaxy note series phone. On top we usually only get one hole and that hole is for the microphone. Now we can see from Galaxy Note 10 that there is one extra hole for IR blaster.

What is IR blaster

For some of who do not what IR blaster is, IR blaster is Infrared technology. It has basically the same functionality that you have on your remote, like how you control TV. If you have that on your phone, you’ll be able to change the channel, the volume by using your phone directly. Also you are able to control the AC units and all other equipment compatible with IR technology. 


Why Samsung bring the IR blaster back to Note 10

But now let’s step back for a second. Samsung continued IR blaster after galaxy Note 4. so when Note 5 came up it didn’t have IR blaster, the same happens at galaxy x series and after galaxy x series IR the blaster was gone. Why Samsung bring it back in 2019 on a phone that costs more than $1000. Is it true that Samsung finally listen to the fan base? On the one hand, a lot of Samsung fan have been posting a lot of comments in Samsung phone testing blogs that they want IR blaster back. On the other hand some of people don’t really care because they can control smart devices through WIFI. But there are a lot of people around of the world who do not have smart TV, or smart TV box, and many of you do want that functionality at your phone to control your TV, or even your AC units.


In my opinion, once you moved to smart devices like smart TV, you are not gonna need the IR blaster. But right now a lot of people still take advantage of that functionality. And many of you guys who have got the Galaxy Note 9 or Note 10 are still asking back the IR blaster note series.

Interesting infer

Some people notice that Samsung claims the IR blaster function is disagreed by a number of people and speculators doubt that such claim will be used as distraction. The IR blaster could be canceled in next model. We’ll see.

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