Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10 Plus have a 512GB storage option


As we all know, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, new products of Note line, were launched on August 8, 2019, 4:00AM. Many news about the new machine were leaked before, and are verified now, but some of them are not, for example, the storage. Last month, the news on its storage are all mentioned 512GB, while the official told us the storage of 512GB is only available on Note 10 Plus, not Note 10, which only supports 256GB. This fact surprised many people, as Note 9, the former product in this line, even enjoy 512GB.

So, why does people love to discuss about this topic? Is storage important? Yes, it is. The system and the program are getting larger and larger nowadays, so phones with small storage would bring a great amount of inconvenience to users. For example, users need to transfer their photos to other devices or online storage space in a short time after they take photos or videos, in order to avoid the possibility that they could not upgrade some applications because of lack of storage. Besides, the high rate of storage occupancy would lead a lower response speed, which would incredibly reduce our satisfaction when we play something through our phones. In this way, the mobile phone manufacturers are equipped with higher storage in the newly produced phones, and then the larger storage enables the better coordination between the software and hardware of the mobile phone.


When we fill our storage, is there anything else matters? Of course, for instance, RAM. It is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code. If we regard ourselves phones, the thing we need to do mobile applications. Every time we go out, it’s the process of running the application on our phones. Then the bag our carry is RAM, and your storage at home is phone storage. We could store many things at home because a large storage. Even if home is not big enough, we can rent a warehouse to store things, and this warehouse is mobile phone’s expansion SD card. Every time we go out to do things, we need something to put in our bags. If the package is too small, we can’t put too many things. After we finish and then go back home, we would change the contents of the bag, and do other things. In other words, we can’t handle many things at the same time, just like a mobile phone can’t run multiple programs at the same time.


However, how does people think about it? Will people take it seriously? Let’s see the situation in some places of sale, Note 10 Plus with the large-capacity 512GB sells better than expected, with sales accounting for nearly 10% of the total, and the first day of pre-order witnessed sold out.


It is obvious that consumers’ demand for storage capacity is increasing.

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