Will Google Pixel 4 XL Use in-Screen Fingerprint Scanner?

Latest Pixel 4 XL News & Rumors

A lot of remarkable phones are on the way in 2019 and the Google presumably Pixel 4 XL certainly will not be absent. The alleged in-screen fingerprint scanner has made the Pixel XL one of the most hotly anticipated phone of the year as Google can easily make some notable changes, though the Pixel 3 launch was still a few months away. We’ll talk about below.

Thanks to various leaks and rumors, we already know a bit about how the Pixel 4 XL will look. Instead of going with the usual rear fingerprint scanner, the Pixel 4 XL could be the first Google Pixel device to bring the revolutionary new under-display fingerprint scanner tech.

According to the renders coming by way of well-known insider Steve McFly (Steve H.McFly), better known by the nickname OnLeaks, the Pixel 4 XL, as depicted in the new renders, will rid of the bezels found on the current Pixel 3 series and potentially adopts an almost full-size screen. It houses dual cameras and two unknown sensors, which is likely to feature an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Google Pixel 4 Could Feature an In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do.” tweeted by Google on June 12, 2019. And the official images tweeted out are very much in line with the quality renders published by OnLeaks.

The first renders of the Google Pixel 4XL leaked online have given us several details about the smartphone well before the launch date. As we all know, Google has already devoted themselves to a brand new Pixel for 2019. And in case you didn’t know, Google themselves confirmed the phone and its design. Essentially getting the jump on leaks and rumors by showing it themselves on Twitter.

In any case, whether the renders are accurate or not, they offer strong indication that Google’s next smartphones will support the in-screen fingerprint sensor into the display, which is now highly popular trend in the smartphone sector, and give a number of Google’s competitors that have looked to the technology a competitive edge. It’s a fair bet that Google will not fall behind its peers.

OnLeaks mentions that there’s a large hollow with room for unknown parts on the right side of the forehead, next to the earpiece. This could potentially accommodates touchless gesture interactions or a Face ID-type module. Alternatively, since there’s no physical fingerprint sensor on the device, we might also see an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Besides, we somewhat can make this confirmed from claims of a Swedish biometrics company that provides fingerprint scanners to various manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei, Google etc. In fact, they are the sole fingerprint scanner providers for the Google Pixel and they also claimd to have provided the fingerprint scanners for the Pixel 2 phones. Well, the company is working on in-screen fingerprint scanners that they will release to manufacturers by the end of the year and they believe Google will use it on their 2019 Pixel devices.


Google is speculated to launch the upcoming Pixel 4 XL in October 2019. While it’s all pretty speculative at this moment but we know that Google likes to take its own sweet time when it comes to implementing latest trends, so it is kind of expected from them to bring the in-screen fingerprint scanner tech to Pixel phones in 2019.

Though these images are not confirmed by Google, they do feature elements the company has sent out itself. Since the Google 4XL is expected to launch around October, we’ll find out then.


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