Does Sony Xperia 1 have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?


Sony Xperia 1 was announced in February and released in June in partial regions, it’s not a very well-known new model in 2019 since it’s aimed at narrow audience who love to watch or make movies on the go with a 21:9 aspect ratio screen. With a price tag of $949 for the 128GB storage version, it’s even pricier than Samsung Galaxy S10 (release price for 128GB :$899), does it worth buying? Let’s check out its highlights:

1.World’s first 4K HDR OLED Multi-tasking screen in 21:9 aspect ratio

2.Cinematic multi-dimensional sound 

3.Triple lens camera with Sony Alpha technology

4.Durable Gorilla® Glass 6 and IP65/68 rating

5.Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip


Besides the specs above, there’s one little interesting design we found when unboxing the real product–we don’t need to use a tool to eject the SIM card/ micro SD slot, simply pull it out and insert the card in. The reason I paid attention on that is simple, Sony Xperia 1 is made for consuming videos, where I can store the videos and how much I can expand?

Sony Xperia 1 supports dual SIM, you got an option to choose from Single SIM or Hybrid dual SIM (nano-SIM, dual stand-by). It’s quite popular to differentiate the data plan card from your regular call card with the dual SIM setting. Similar to other phone’s Hybrid dual SIM slot, you can either install Dual SIM  or one SIM one memory card, but no space for both dual SIM and memory card. The type of memory card is Micro SD and it’s up to 1 TB. As the SIM card tray is on the top of Sony Xperia 1, the installation method is just the same as Xperia XZ2. To prevent data loss, make sure to turn off your device before you drag out the holder to remove the nano SIM card (or cards) or micro SD card.

How to insert dual SIM?

How to insert One SIM One micro SD card?

Sony Xperia 1 might be the best option for the high-quality movie experience chaser currently, there’s nothing else that really rivals the Sony Xperia’s 4K OLED 21:9 display. Additionally, the dual SIM setting benefits you the most from a new cheap data plan, and the extra micro SD card helps you store the videos you make on the go, if you fit in the target audience, you should totally take the plunge. If not, there are other better choices in this price range. 



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