Can you use Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus underwater


We have all known that Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus is IP68 rated waterproof, how durable is the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus regarding splashing, drenching and total submersion? Can Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus really go underwater? Some influencers on YouTube have already got the brandy new phone and done the water test to verify the extremity of IP68 waterproof of Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Let’s check it out.

1.Will the ultrasonic fingerprint reader on Galaxy S10/S10+ work wet or under water?

Just like Jimmy tested, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader is just awesome, even with water drops on the whole screen the fingerprint reader works perfectly with an extraordinary high speed. That’s really impressive. However, when you place the phone into water and use the fingerprint reader submerged inside water, it couldn’t unlock the screen successfully, while if you lift the Galaxy S10 out of water, it would work smoothly as before. Therefore, if your finger or your Galaxy S10 gets wet and you still want to quickly unlock your phone, you need to do definitely nothing like wiping your hands or drying the phone, it doesn’t have problem with reading wet. It’s already much better than other on-screen fingerprint unlocking phones like OnePlus 6T, which is not able to unlock wet.

2.Will the camera of Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ work underwater?


As the video Jimmy shot suggested, the screen of Galaxy S10 would lose the touch-sensitivity when it’s submerged underwater, apparently you cannot control the photo shooting panel underwater even if you unlock the screen before placing S10 insider water. What about video function? Basically you can shoot video underwater, just keep in mind that the IP68 waterproof rating of Samsung Galaxy S10 will only ensure it withstand being submerged in fresh water up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, so don’t use it like a GoPro, it will break your pricey phone.  

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