Does Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus/S10E support dual SIM? Or MicroSD?


Samsung has released its 10th anniversary Galaxy S phone, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, “cheap” Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 5G.  The infinity-O display, the world’s first ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader, four rear cameras, and 5G capabilities, Samsung desperate to whip up excitement and roar back in sales. This time, you may consider waking into the Samsung troops. If you want to know whether Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup supports dual SIM or expand storage, you will find answers here.

Does Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus/ S10E support dual SIM?

It depends. From the specs listed on Samsung official website, we know there are two models, Single SIM model and Dual SIM model.

Single SIM model: one Nano SIM and one MicroSD slot (up to 512GB)

Dual SIM model (Hybrid SIM slot): one Nano SIM and one Nano SIM or one MicroSD slot (up to 512GB)


Samsung Galaxy S9’s Hybrid Card Slot

Availability of Dual SIM may vary depending on country and carrier. If you have two SIM cards, one for work while another for private communication, or two cards from two different operators. Choose the Dual SIM model, which supports dual Nano SIM and dual standby. And both two slots can be the main SIM card slot. You can switch following your need.

Does Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus/ S10E have a MicroSD slot?

Although Samsung released several models of different internal storage, we all know that more storage equals to a more expensive price. The good news is that all the versions have microSD card slots, so you can get up to 512GB extra storage.


However, if you choose a dual SIM model, you may have to make a hard decision. Realized by Hybrid SIM slot, it means you can place two SIM cards, or one SIM card and one micro SD card. If you want to place two SIM cards, sorry to tell you that there is no place for the storage card. It might mean that you have to pick up a higher memory model.

Protective Case Recommended for Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus/ S10E

1.EasyAcc Black TPU Case with Matte Finish for Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10&S10+  

If you are looking something affordable with decent protection, EasyAcc TPU Case would fit the bill. It’s slim but effectively saving your phone from accidentally dropping cracking with the raised edge design. And it’s made of durable material with stain-proof and non-slip coating, it’s wireless charging friendly and the classical black look just matches everything.


2.EasyAcc TPU Case with 4 Corners Air Cushion for Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10&S10+

It provides protection and style, the 4 corner air cushions create a shock-absorbing buffer zone to avoid phone cracking. The neat clear soft skin shows off natural beauty of your phone’s design, the inner dotted marks prevent air bubbles and watermarks on the clear back of the phone. Better still, these cases are thin enough to be fully compatible with wireless charging.


3.EasyAcc PU Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10&S10+

This PU leather wallet case might just be the perfect case for your Galaxy S10E, S10& S10+. It’s a folio wallet with three card slots and a cash pocket, with a magnetic closure and a cover that folds into a kickstand. But the inner bumper case detaches from its magnetic hold, so it ends up being just a great leather and TPU rubber case for when you don’t need your wallet.


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Does Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus/S10E support dual SIM? Or MicroSD?》有3个想法

  1. I purchased the unlocked version because I wanted support for dual sim. Unfortunately, Samsung does not ship the dual sim version to purchasers in the United States even if it is unlocked. Only the unlocked international version supports dual sim.

  2. There is a major issue with S10 Dual sim version.The SIM management software does not work well.With both SIM cards inserted the keypad shows two call buttons even if you have set a preference for one of the two SIMs. If you want to see only one call icon on the keypad you need to turn off the second SIM!


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