Why can’t I apply screen protector on Samsung Galaxy S10


Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with in-screen fingerprint scanner. I bet most of users may not even understand what in-screen fingerprints are.


The story behind the fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner element is now ubiquitous, embedded in home buttons, mounted on the back side of mobile phones and even placed on the side beneath the home button of handsets. Naturally, the development of faster and more accurate fingerprint readers led to the emergence of newer ways of unlocking your smartphone, which includes facial recognition like Face ID and something that we will be discussing in detail today: the in-screen fingerprint reader.

As we see more high screen-to-body ratio smartphones getting released, a consequence of this action is the where to put the fingerprint reader, which is often moved to the back of the phone to compensate for those ‘all screen’ handsets.

However, having an in-screen fingerprint reader will forego this change and we will explain what its internals are like and what are the possibilities for the future of smartphones.

Why-can’t-I-apply-screen-protector-on-Samsung Galaxy-S10-2

How Does the in-Screen Fingerprint Reader Work?

When you hold up the phone, the fingerprint sensor indicator will light up, meaning that you can now unlock your smartphone using this part of the biometrics. According to videos seen online, it is definitely slower than regular fingerprint readers so improved iterations of the scanner will have to be introduced to make it faster. This is possibly the reason why Samsung might have refused to incorporate this sensor on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

What effect will it have on mobile phone

Well, just as the title indicated, our phones cannot apply screen protector for this. case maker Armadillotek has claimed that its screen cover can block the phone from reading fingerprints. It may not be a materials issue: when reached for comment, Armadillotek said it tested tempered glass and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) covers – and both blocked the fingerprint sensor. Consequently, Armadillotek said in its tweet, the company will forego the screen protector on its signature Vanguard case.

Why-can’t-I-apply-screen-protector-on-Samsung Galaxy-S10-3

How does the protector block the reading of fingerprint

The key, possibly, is due to how the scanner reads fingers. Unlike fingerprint scanners in other phones that use light to scan skin surface (like in the OnePlus 6T), the one on the Samsung Galaxy S10 will allegedly use ultrasonic waves.

This won’t be a problem for every new Samsung phone: the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are slated to get an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, while the one on the Galaxy S10 Light will allegedly have an older-style fingerprint scanner mounted on the phone’s side.


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