Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 be a foldable mobile phone?


Samsung, the multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, isn’t waiting until Mobile World Congress to share its next Galaxy smartphones. It is to unveil Galaxy S10 and long-awaited foldable phone at events in London and San Francisco on February 20 in order to get the jump on Huawei as it confirms that its foldable smartphone will be shown at its galaxy S10 launch event with the taglines that read as “the future unfolds” and “February twentieth”.

What would S10 look like?

As of now, Samsung has, to some degree, confirmed that the biggest change to the S10 is the camera. A press release announced that the new 1/3.4-inch Isocell Slim 3T2 sensor will be entering mass production in the first quarter of this year, the part “fits into a tiny module making more space for the ‘hole-in display’ or ‘notch design.” What’s more, “the small size of the image sensor also reduces the height of the tele-camera module by around seven percent when compared to Samsung’s 1/3-inch 20Mp image sensor, allowing more elegant smartphone designs,” Samsung says.


The S10 pics showing a hole-punch selfie cam and slim top and bottom bezels, tweeted by Evan Blass and leaked by case makers, are probably accurate. The photos are, for sure, intriguing. The S10 is really just another ordinary Galaxy S release when you break it down. It even still has a headphone jack. The Galaxy S10, S10 Lite, and S10 Plus shown in leaked photos will definitely be great phones, but they’re not going to be phenomenal.

Clearly, Samsung Galaxy S10 is not a foldable mobile phone.


What the foldable phone means to Samsung?

It’s been five years since Samsung first showed a concept video of a folding phone in 2014, and this foldable phone is bound to be in the spotlight. More importantly, it will get people interested in Samsung again and Samsung’s sales may pick up as a result in a general sales decline.

Rumor has it that the South Korean electronics giant would also roll out its highly anticipated foldable smartphone at the launch event on February 20. Nevertheless, the official name of the foldable smartphone has been unknown to the public eye for a long time. As of right now, it is rumored that the upcoming foldable smartphone will have two batteries with 6200mAh in capacity, and the handset is also said to sport a large 7.3-inch screen when completely unfolded.

Such a phone is not going to be cheap. Speculations about the price of the new phone differs a lot. The foldable smartphone is rumored to cost around $1800, but another rumor quotes a price of whopping $2500. The foldable smartphone may be costlier than the iPhone XS Max due to the engineering expertise it employed.

Samsung’s sales have plummeted in 2018 in spite of its status as a leading smartphone brand worldwide. In some sense, the launch of the Galaxy S10 line and the foldable smartphone is exactly what the Korean technology behemoth needs to stage a comeback.



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