How to know your Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR is Fully Charged

Apple brings out new Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. They look similar to the previous versions, but with add-on wireless charging feature. Apple Smart Case provides extra battery life to your iPhone, which makes it possible to go through a full working day without dying. 


Apple’s new Smart Battery Case can be charged several ways: regular Lightning to USB, wirelessly with Qi-certified charging pads or fast charge with a compatible power adapter and Lightning to USB-C cable.

And the battery case can be charged separately without an iPhone in it or charged together with your iPhone. When your iPhone is inside the Smart Battery Case, it charges the iPhone first, and once the iPhone is fully charged, the Smart Battery Case will start to charge. But if you want to quickly charge the Smart Battery Case, remove the iPhone and charge it separately no matter you charge it through a cable or wireless charging pad. 

How to know your Smart Battery Case is Fully Charged?

When you charge a power bank, you can check the battery percentage roughly through the indicator lights. Where is the indicator lights on the Smart Battery Case?

There is a small LED charging indicator inside the case that turns orange when charging, and green when fully charged. If you charge the battery case separately, you can check it.


However, when you put your iPhone in the battery case, the indicator is covered. But there is a more convenient way to know whether your battery case is fully charged, and even the battery percentage. You’ll see a familiar charging animation in the top-right corner of your phone’s display. When your iPhone is locked, two battery icons will show up on your screen, one for your iPhone, and another for the case. You can also view the battery status in the Today view as long as you have the Battery widget activated. 


The Smart Battery Case will provide power to your iPhone preferentially. Only when your Smart Battery Case is empty will your iPhone begin to use its internal battery.

There are two colors optional, black and white. However, it is the most expensive Smart Battery Case to date, priced at $129, costing $30 more than the previous-generation model. You can get battery cases much cheaper than it, but they will lack the Apple fit and finish, lack the iOS integration, and most importantly, they lack the smarts.

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