How iPhone XS Dual SIM Works?

More than one SIM card you can use if you are ready to buy a new Apple iPhone released in this year. Dual SIM mode is supported in both iPhone XS series and XR series, and mostly, it refers to a physical nano SIM and a digital eSIM. But situation is different when comes to China where the dual SIM on both iPhone XS series and XR series are two physical SIM in mainland while in Hong Kong and Macao only the iPhone XS supports eSIM. Here is everything you should know on how dual SIM work with iPhone XS.

Does my country support Apple dual SIM?

There are only ten countries that support eSIM and they are Austria, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, the UK and the US. Besides, if you want to use dual-SIM on your iPhone XS, you have to find a compatible carrier as well. Except Sprint, the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all supports eSIM in the US.

How to activate my second SIM (eSIM)?

Generally, most of us have already had a physical nano-SIM, in this case what left for us to activate is the digital eSIM. As no physical card is needed, this becomes very simple. There are three ways to activate the eSIM on your iPhone XS so as to serve you another cellular plan.

1.Scan a QR code (your carrier provided for you). Go to setting and add Cellular Plan where you can scan the QR code.

2.Use a carrier app (download from the App Store and buy a cellularplan from the app.)

3.Enter the plan information manually. You can enter your plan information manually at the bottom of your Phone screen. Tap Enter Details Manually to set it.

If your carrier supports it you can use a single eSIM to work as your cellular plan. And you can store more than one eSIM in your iPhone XS, but only one can be used at a time.

After you activated your second plan, it’s necessary to label it. For the convenience sake, you can label one of them as Business and the other as Personal. Or if you have your own better labels, you can go to setting and customize.


How my plans work together?

You can set your default number, which will be used when you receive or call someone who is not in your Contacts app, and in iMessage and FaceTime as well. Or you can choose a number to be used only for cellular data, and then the other number will be your default number. The three options in Default Line are as follows:

1.Use“Primary” as your default line. “Secondary” will be available for phones and SMS.

2.Use “Secondary”as your default line. “Primary” will be available for phone and SMS.

3.Use “Secondary”for cellular data only. “Primary” will be your default line.

Can I use two numbers for calls and data at the same time?

You can use either phone calls to make and receive calls, however, when you’re on a call, an incoming call on your other phone number will go to voicemail if you have a voicemail set up with your carrier. And call waiting is supported for incoming calls on the same phone number. Also, you can turn on call forwarding to forward all calls from one number to the other, but you have to check with your carrier whether it is available and if additional fees apply.

For cellular data, there is only one phone number can use it. But you can choose which number to use cellular data, here are the steps:

1.Go to Settings.

2.Choose Cellular.

3.Tap Cellular Data.

4.Tap the number you want to use cellular data.

To be noticed, if your actively used voice number is not your designated data number, then data will not work while you are on the call.

Equipped with the knowledge above, now you can enjoy the dual SIM’s convenience. For more tips not covering yet, you can click here.


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