How to charge iPhone from new iPad Pro?


Apple announced its new iPad Pro yesterday, the features of bigger display with slimmer bezel, face ID and missing Home button had already been rumored for months, but the new USB-C port is undoubtedly the most surprising update on the event. Even though many analysts said iPad Pro would have a USB-C port, but they said the same thing last year after iPhone X released, nobody really considered it seriously, but Apple did it for real. 


This update surely thrills people who aren’t fans of Apple’s lightning part, especially the USB-C MacBook users, it opens up the possibility of sharing a range of USB-C accessories with the new iPad Pro models and MacBook. Apparently USB-C makes iPad Pro more powerful, you’ll even able to use it to charge your iPhone from your tablet thanks to the two-way charging capability of USB-C. What does it sound like? The new iPad Pro is doing the things a laptop or computer used to do, it’s a signal that Apple is taking significant moves in making the iPad line into laptop alternatives.

However, it’s a good news for the iPhone users that it provides more charging methods and resource. So, how to charge iPhone from iPad Pro? Theoretically by using a USB-C to lightning cable should work fine, what about the charging speed? Is it fast enough for charging iPhone efficiently? 


Practically everybody knows that charging phone from laptop is much slower than using a wall adapter, does it make any difference with the USB-C connector on iPad Pro? We don’t have the new iPad Pro hands-on yet, so it’s too early to conclude that it’s not capable of making the charging speed higher, but most likely the USB-C port on new iPad Pro can only output one unit of 150mA current initially and go up to 900mA by steps like most laptops on the market do. It will take much longer time to full charge your phone to be compared with a wall charger.

Since the new Apple pencil is able to draw power from the new iPad Pro wirelessly, let me have a wild guess, if iPad Pro could provide wireless charging to iPhone, which means it will be more powerful than a laptop in the charging ways, that could be a better option to be a just laptop-like tablet. Of course, it’s just a unreliable idea based on no technology analysis. What is waiting for the lightning accessory makers? I guess they should at least consider develop and broaden the horizons to USB-C connectors.



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