Best Wireless Charger for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

A year after the Airpower was touched alongside the launching event of iPhone X, it still didn’t show up on this year’s fall launching event. While, the wireless charging capabilities on the brand-new iPhones are claimed to be improved on its upgrade glass back.

As one of the highlights on iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+, the wireless charging speed could be reached to 5W and up to 7.5W with the latest iOS at that time. And this year, it is rumored to speed up at 10W. But as no specific specs have been listed on Apple official website, nor hands-on reviews specify it, we still can’t give it a conclusion. However, there is definitive improvement on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from what reported on Appleinsider ,and the situation will be clear to iPhone XR when it is launched on October 24.

Although the first-party wireless charger is still nowhere to find, many third-party wireless chargers are out there working well for your new iPhones. Here is a precise and practical list which I picked by comparing rankings from different review websites.


Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger—15Watt ($52)

Belkin is one of the Apple confirmed brand for its wireless charger manufacture and it is expensive but for a reason.

It can support up to 15Watt wireless charging higher than most of the wireless pad on the market. And undoubtedly, it can allow you to make the most of the wireless charging capacity on your new iPhone.

It comes with a user-friendly design featuring a LED for charging status notification, an embossed ring indicating the charging area and a soft surface protecting your phone from scratching.

Anker PowerWave Pad—7.5Watt ($29.99)

It’s not surprising that almost every electronic product recommendations will include Anker. This typical 7.5Watt wireless charging pad won’t let you down when comes to fast-charge your iPhone. What’s more, it includes a QC 3.0 supported charger in its box which can juice up itself as quick as possible.

More than what packs on many other wireless charger, Anker PowerWave Pad even considerably built a fan in it, so it can alleviate overheating and protect your phone.

EasyAcc Wireless Charging Stand—10Watt ($29.99)

EasyAcc is not as big a name as Anker or Belkin, this wireless charging stand from it stands out for its creative design. It is designed more than a charger, but also a desk organizer. Stationary and even glass box can be housed next to this stand.

Of course, its main role to be a wireless charger won’t let you down as well. It supports 10W fast charging, moreover, it allows for both vertical and horizontal charging posts, giving you right position to check message or watch video.

Buying now you can even get 20% off!   

Using the same standard — Qi, and applying the same theory — magnetic induction, most wireless chargers on the market are more or less similar except their design, some additional features and price. So to choose the right charger is mostly down to your own preference on chargers appearance and your needs for more additional functions, a charger with organizer or more ports for wired charging, for instance.


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