Does iPhone XS and XR have Headphone Jack?


Better cameras, longer battery life, all Face ID and stronger processor, these are the new iPhone XS , XS Max and XR have brought to us this year. And unsurprisingly, the headphone jack is missed out in the new iPhones as usual. It has been removed since the iPhone 7 in 2016 and would never come back again in the future.

However, different from the previous years when Apple used to include a lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter in its box, there is no more headphone adapter included in this year’s models. Instead, you need to spend another $9 to buy one if you stick to traditional wired headphones. But there are still earpods with lightning connector in the box, so it is not that necessary to have a headphone adapter actually.


Of course, you can also spend around $160 on an Apple Airpods. Rumor has it that the second Airpods generation will come soon, may in the early 2019.

It seems that everything tens to go wirelessly since wireless charging has been popular. Wireless earbuds sounds convenient, but as far as I am concerned, it is a “less is more” situation. There are several reasons that you should rethink it before you buy one.

  • It is much more expensive than a wired earpods! You only need spend $30 to buy a new earpods if you lost your original one, but you need cost another $159 on an Airpods.
  • Earpods never need for charging, you can plug and play whatever you like. However, Airpods is power-backed, you need to charge it by putting it back into the case, and usually it last for 5 hours with one charge.
  • The earpods support more functions with the physical control on the wire. It can let you play/pause music, turn down/up volume, fast forward/rewind songs, skip songs and go to the previous songs. While Airpods do not support fast forward or rewind songs, and can only two of the mentioned functions can be selected at a time. You can click here to know how to make the most of the Airpods.
  • More importantly, wireless earbuds look not that fashion as wired headphones do. It is quite weird to see two earbuds hang on the ears.
  • Airpods are easier to be lost and when that happens, it will cost more to have a new pair.


But wireless headphones are indeed more convenient in some aspects. Without the wire, you needn’t to organize and clean the tangling wires every time you use it. And it provides more convenience when you would like to do sports with some music. I believe that the Airpods will be more popular if the price finally drops.


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