Best iPhone XS,XS Max, and XR Cases

Best-iPhone XS-XS Max-and-XR-Cases-1

Best-iPhone XS-XS Max-and-XR-Cases-1

Following the launch of three new Apple iPhones including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, many Apple accessories manufactures have caught up to reveal their brand-new products. Protective cases, as one of the popular phone essentials, are better designed to satisfy your needs for both protection and not reduce how decent your iPhone is. To narrow the options, we picked four best cases for you which are both functional and fashionable.

Best-iPhone XS-XS Max-and-XR-Cases-2

  1. Casetify Impact

This case is more designed for female. All the styles do not compromise fashion for function. It comes with all kinds of vivid flowers in the case or other unique patterns as its design, much fascinating for girls. But it also features tough and durable which can protect your new precious iPhone in style. It costs around $35 to $45 for most its styles; you can click Casetify Impact for more details.

Best-iPhone XS-XS Max-and-XR-Cases-3

  1. EasyAcc Soft TPU Case

With a classic black color, this case from EasyAcc stands out for its unique corner bumper design which can well protect your phone from accidental dropping and reduces the damage it may cause thanks to its shock absorption capability. Moreover, the dotted and matrix patterns on the back give you both a comfortable hand feeling and prevent your phone from slip as well. If the Casetify Impact is more for female, this case may be more for male. It only costs $9.99 on Amazon and 30% OFF with code EAIP2018 , protecting your new iPhone XS Max or XR (not available for XS now) in a low price.

Best-iPhone XS-XS Max-and-XR-Cases-4

  1. EasyAcc Wallet Case with Kickstand

Still from EasyAcc, this wallet case is a best choice for both iPhone XS Max and XR users. The reasons behind is that this case is specially equipped with a kickstand which can let you enjoy your big screen video streaming anywhere anytime. What’s better, there are two card sleeves on the front cover, keeping your daily using card for quick access.

The product is out of stock now, more information you can go here

Best-iPhone XS-XS Max-and-XR-Cases-5

  1. Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Built with nubuck leather, this case feels old-fashioned and elegant. While what makes this case special is its extra compartment for notebook. If you are person who like to write down all your thoughts and ideas on a paper, this is a perfect Wallet case for you. Besides, it also comes with two card slots on its cover, a convenient functionality case with stand.

However, compare to the case from EasyAcc, the Snakehive case is much more expensive, which costs around $30. But it is a perfect protect of old school and new technology combined. Click Snakehive to purchase.


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