Is It Worth to Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9  finally came out in the second half of the year. Compared to last year’s Galaxy Note 8, the main upgrade is reflected in the battery capacity, storage, extended functions of S Pen and other details of the improvement. But the most surprising probably is the price.

Higher Price

According to Samsung official website information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB version is priced at $1,000, and the 512GB version is at $1,250. Samsung obviously doesn’t want to lose to Apple, the high price which represents a group of top-end core users. And like Samsung Note 9, dare to directly pull the price of the products to the same level as the iPhone X, it should be the first among Android phone manufacturers.

Similar Function

In the aspect of configuration, most of Note 9’s configuration is the same as that of the S9 series. Compared with Note 8, the biggest boost is 4000mAh battery, and the camera function adds the popular intelligent scene recognition. In addition to being used as a creative tool, the S Pen support for Bluetooth, which can be used as a remote control for powerpoint and apps.

The improvement on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is very limited, but Note 9 is still equipped with the largest 6.4-inch full-view curved screen in the history of the Note series. In addition to moving the fingerprint recognition module under the camera and equipped the blue version of Note 9 with a conspicuous yellow S Pen, Note 9 has little change in appearance.

Is It Worth to Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

In the recent two years, the price of Android mobile phones has been moving toward higher and higher, and fewer and fewer brands will over-emphasize cost performance at the press conference. The rise in price is related to the growing saturation of the global mobile phone market. After all, improving the average selling price of products will undoubtedly make up for the impact of the decline in sales.

Samsung naturally understands this point. As the world’s highest-selling mobile phone manufacturer, it’s currently only able to compete with the iPhone. However, before Samsung hand over an attractive product, rather than relying on large batteries and large memory as the main selling point, consumers will continue to doubt and not be optimistic about Samsung. At least now Samsung is difficult to convince consumers that Galaxy Note 9 is worth the official price as iPhone X.

Of course, with Samsung’s technology accumulation and strength. Maybe wait until next year, we can see the appearance of an eye-catching product, and stage a big counterattack.

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