What can you do with ASUS ZenBook Pro 15’s ScreenPad


The newest Asus ZenBook Pro, unveiled at Computes 2018, comes with a smartphone-sized touchscreen in the place of the regular touchpad, called ScreenPad. It is an amazing second screen that does double duty as a touchpad. What can we do with the 5.5-inch ScreenPad? Will it bring us a whole new user experience?


Unlike MacBook Pro Touch Bar, which is limited and unhelpful, the Asus ScreenPad is featured exactly where the laptop’s touchpad usually resides, and can also work as a regular touchpad do. However, as “the world’s first smart touchpad”, it can also serve as a multifunctional touch-enabled display, just like a simplified smartphone that’s integrated with your Windows PC.

1. ScreenPad Mode

When you want to switch from touchpad mode to ScreenPad, you just have to press F6 to toggle between the options. In ScreenPad mode, it can act as an app launcher or can offer quick access to program functions, depending on what you’re running. If you open an Office application you’ll see shortcuts on the ScreenPad for quickly adjusting things such as font formatting with just a few simple taps, instead of navigating through the program’s toolbars.

You can also launch a calculator, calendar, or music players here. When you are watching Youtube videos on Google Chrome, you can even control the media on ScreenPad. 


2. Second Display Mode

In second display mode, you can watch videos or games on it when you read articles on the laptop screen. After active this mode, you can drag almost any application down to the ScreenPad. Then, you can do other operations on your laptop screen. Moreover, it will be able to mirror your smartphone to the ScreenPad via an app from Asus, which will be featured on it later.


3. Just an ordinary touchpad

Smartphone-like ScreenPad will consume extra power. Therefore, when you don’t need it to be a screen, it’s best to switch the mode to the ordinary touchpad. Learn more about Asus ZenBook Pro 15

As to the shortage, the ScreenPad Pro itself can be confusing to use when in Extended mode, as you have to remember to use the cursor to manipulate things and not just tap on them as you would on a touchscreen.

Asus is putting the ZenBook Pro 15 on sale in mid-July for a starting price of $2,299. Its 14-inch counterpart will follow in the fourth quarter of the year, offering superior battery life of up to 13 hours.

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