Best waterproof solar power bank for backpacking


Since the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to consider having some outdoor activities. It’s great to start a new hiking and camping season, especially when everything’s well settled and comes up to your expectation. What’s the most-demanding equipment you have to pack to keep everything right on track? A power bank, more specifically, it’s better be a tough rugged waterproof solar power bank. Why? You may encounter unexpected weather conditions, like raining or extremely hot or cold weather, additionally tumbles and falling-off happen a lot when you use power banks. 

How many mah should a power bank for backpacking have? In fact, it completely depends on how long you decide to stay outdoors and how many device you gonna charge. If you are only going out for no more than 24 hours, 10000mAh should suffice for charging a high-end phone twice. If it’s going to be a more than 24 hours outdoor plan and need to stay overnight, a rugged 20000mAh power bank is highly recommended. 


Best waterproof solar power bank for backpacking

I personally recommend Outxe Savage series. It contains 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh and upcoming 24000 mAh power bank. As a leading outdoor power brand, Outxe stands for outdoor extreme energy, and spares no effort on producing the best waterproof solar power banks. In the past year, they have responded to the suggestions by increasing the capacity and waterproof rating. Currently Outxe Savage 10000mAh solar power bank has IP67 rating and Savage 20000mAh has IP66 respectively. Outxe is attempting to upgrade the 20000 mAh version up to IP67. Let me explain more about the details.

1.Outxe Savage 10000mAh solar power bank 

Outxe Savage solar power banks are outwardly eye-catching, the perfect embodiment of solid and reliable power, it comes from black matt body with peak-like raised logo and four outstanding red thick corner pads. The IP67 rating waterproof means it’s water-resistant under 1 meter for 30 minutes.  Be noted that it’s only waterproof and dust-proof when the covering cap of USB charging ports are all closed tightly. Actually it’s not only suitable for hikes & camping, but also good for regular daily use as it’s handy and compact, probably a little bit thicker and heavier than the average power banks since it’s built rugged to be anti-shock. 



2.Outxe Savage 20000mAh solar power bank 

Besides the capacity upgrade, the most advanced part of Outxe Savage 20000mAh solar power bank is the double inputs and quick output charging. It’s able to be fully recharged within 7 hours by using the dual input ports (contains a USB-C port) simultaneously, this is quite impressive for such a monster capacity of 20000 mAh, it saves much of your charging time at home. The quick charge port can output 5V/3A, 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A at maximum, faster than most regular charging solutions. The size of solar panel is extended as well, 2W 400 mA is much more efficient than other solar power banks. 


  Outxe Savage 10000mAh solar power bank Outxe Savage 20000mAh solar power bank
Battery type Li-polymere Li-polymere
Input  5V 2A 5V 4A (dual input ports)
Output (max) 5V 2.4A 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A 
Solar panel 1.8W 2W
Dimension 151×81×21mm 170×86×30 mm
Weight 328g 525g
IP rating IP67 IP66
Carabiner 1 2
Price $29.99 $55.99

Solar Power Explained

The best solar power bank doesn’t mean you can regard the solar power as the main power resource, on the contrary, the solar panel is only used for backup in an emergency. It is meant to be fully charged from an outlet in advance before you go out and use it. When it’s sunny and you can hang the solar power bank on your backpack and adjust it to make the solar panel expose under the sunshine.  Even though it would top up in a sunny day, but the charging speed is very slow and not to mention the cloudy and raining weather.


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