Does Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Have Portrait Mode?

Along with more and more customers prefer using smartphone’s camera to take photos. Then more smartphone brands pay more attention to the research and development of the camera. If you’ve seen last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, you’ve seen this year’s Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. Similar appearance while upgraded camera. Portrait mode would be one of the factors to determine the level of current smartphone lens.

What is Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode is a function that is used when you are taking photos of a single subject. When taking photos in portrait mode, through the deep learning of facial features to ensure the blur effect, the camera will automatically use a large aperture to help keep the background out of focus to highlight the subject by using a narrow depth of field so the subject being photographed is the only thing in focus. Actually, shooting in portrait mode means it’s easy to achieve relatively convincing background blur, or bokeh.

Does Galaxy S9/S9+ Have Portrait Mode?

Samsung’s PR confirmed the Galaxy S9 has no Portrait Mode on either its front or rear camera as the company is still reliant on dual cameras to achieve this:

“Only the S9+ has live focus (essentially portrait mode), which uses the two rear cameras.”

The S9 doesn’t have a real Portrait Mode like the S9+. Instead, it uses the Selective Focus that has been available for Samsung several generations, perhaps upgraded unceasingly here. As far as I’m concerned, its primary marketing slogan: “The camera. Reimagined” is not true as what it said, which leaves Samsung an embarrassing dilemma. Hopefully, Samsung is going to improve whether the Selective Focus or Portrait Mode as the year goes on.  

How to Take Portrait Mode-like Selfie Photos on the Galaxy S9+?

 Here are two easy steps to take portrait mode-like selfies on your Samsung.

1.Selfie Focus

Launch the Camera application and switch the rear lens to the front lens. In the menu bar above the live-view, locate and switch to Selfie Focus on the left side of the interface.


Since you’re in Selfie Focus mode, you just need to line up your shot and take selfies. As mentioned, the Galaxy S9 doesn’t have a real Portrait Mode to create the blurry background. Because of this, the mode’s functionality might be hit or miss.

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