Does Samsung Galaxy S9 Have a Removable Battery


After Apple admitted they slowed down iPhones with older batteries, some people slammed the company for not doing even more for its users, like designing iPhones with removable batteries. Launching phones without removable batteries, Apple is not alone. More and more mobile phone companies gave up a removable battery which was a major selling point on Android smartphones against the iPhone, so did Samsung. Does new-released Samsung Galaxy S9 have a removable battery? Will Samsung phones come with removable batteries ever again?

No surprise. Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t come with a removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has premium glass screen and metal shell, very similar to the S8. And it is featured with 3000mAh battery which isn’t removable, as S8. No matter Samsung company wants to return to removable battery era or not, in fact, Galaxy series as the flagship phones of Samsung, they don’t have choices. 

We need to say goodbye to the era with removable batteries and move on

In the case of phones with removable batteries, phone makers made the deliberate decision to go with sealed batteries for many reasons. Here are some of them:

More premium design

To keep the removable battery, they have to choose a plastic removable bottom for their phone. Metal and glass bodies simply can not coexist peacefully with removable batteries. Of course, there is a particular case – the LG G5 – but it made a great compromise. There is a plastic part on the bottom of its back. And the plastic bottom had a plasticky look to it, which didn’t match the rest of the metal body. Sealed batteries have enabled slimmer designs and the use of new, more luxurious materials that wouldn’t have been aesthetically possible if they had to account for a removable back battery.


Higher water-resistance level

Water resistance is only possible with a unibody design. A sealed external is definitely a part of the design. You want it survives in a drop into the toilet and even want to take photos underwater. Give up your obsession with a removable battery. A phone with a cover that could easily pop off and crack can prevent water to seep in, and dust as well. For higher water-resistance level, the abandon deserves. Can Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 plus shot Super Slow-mo videos underwater


More room for other features

Unlike a sealed battery, a removable battery requires an extra layer of protection to shield it from the everyday impact which may cause the explosion or spontaneous ignition.This adds extra thickness can give places to a lot of features, such as inner screen fingerprint sensor, camera, stereo speaker and more. On a phone where every millimeter counts and can be felt in the hand, there’s little competitive edge to go thicker when everyone is making their phones thinner. 

Weird-shaped batteries

For easy installation and removal, the shapes of removable batteries are limited, rectangles or squares. But new phone batteries are built to squeeze more power with unconventional designs. The iPhone X is equipped with an L-shaped battery made up of two battery cells, which make the full use of space and provide more power. What Should I Do to Charge Lithium Ion Battery First Time

It’s time to move on. I hope the removable battery rests in peace. It was great once, but we need to get rid of it so our phones don’t have to sacrifice their designs, or water-resistance, for some extra juice.

Best Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Caseology Legion Series Galaxy S9 Case – [Reinforced Protection]

Current Price: $14.99does-samsung-galaxy-s9-have-a-removable-battery-samsung-galaxy-S9-protective-case-1

  • Slim heavy duty protection case with sleek military-inspired design, solid build and non bulky profile
  • Protective dual layer phone case combines shock absorbing TPU sleeve with durable PC shell
  • Grippy hard cover offers a solid layer of protection and provides enough traction to keep your Galaxy S9 securely in your hand
  • Responsive button covers with crisp tactile feedback, precise cutouts and raised fingerprint sensor bezel & front lip protection

2. Spigen Tough Armor Case with Reinforced Kickstand and Heavy Duty Protection  for Samsung Galaxy S9

Current Price: $17.99does-samsung-galaxy-s9-have-a-removable-battery-samsung-galaxy-S9-protective-case-2

  • Dual-layered protection for optimum defense from drops
  • Form-fitted construction to remain slim and pocket-friendly
  • Hands-free viewing with reinforced and color-matched kickstand
  • Mil-Grade Protection with Air Cushion Technology in all corners

3. YOUMAKER Heavy Duty Protection Kickstand with Built-in Screen Protector Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

Current Price: $18.99does-samsung-galaxy-s9-have-a-removable-battery-samsung-galaxy-S9-protective-case-3

  • [Kickstand Support] Built-in kickstand for convenient hands free portrait and landscape viewing angles
  • [Military Grade Protection] Military Drop Tested. Dual layer provides 360 degree full body rugged protection. Premium hybrid hard Polycarbonate (PC) + Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) materials provide solid texture. Raised lip ensures extra protection for the screen and camera
  • [Built-in Screen Protector Included] This case front cover is coming with a built-in screen protector. Non-slippery design is ready for any situation
  • [Slim Fit Design & Multiple Color Option] Slim fit & Lightweight by YOUMAKER Design Team brings the super-excellent ergonomic appearance.

4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

Current Price: $23.06does-samsung-galaxy-s9-have-a-removable-battery-samsung-galaxy-S9-protective-case-4

  • Thin, lightweight 2-piece case provides protection against drops, bumps and shock (port covers block entry of dust and debris).
  • Slides easily in and out of pockets.
  • Includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty (see website for details) and 100% authentic.

5. MoKo Crystal Clear TPU Bumper Cushion Cover with Reinforced Corners for Samsung Galaxy S9

Current Price: $7.99does-samsung-galaxy-s9-have-a-removable-battery-samsung-galaxy-S9-protective-case-5

  • Precise cutout – precise cutouts provide you with full access to ports, speakers, Camera and other Features. Sensitive button covers allow responsive presses
  • Minimalism at its best – slim and thin design. Engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising phone security. Transparent back cover enhances its ultimate simplicity
  • Full degree of protection – reinforced corners and raised edges keep the screen from scratching when placed face down. Flexible TPU rubber edges + hard PC back cover constitute a protective case

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Does Samsung Galaxy S9 Have a Removable Battery》有15个想法

  1. Notwithstanding the above reasons, there is still a need for phone with replaceable batteries. What about the millions of user who don’t need or want all the overly-touted features of what have become way too expensive phones?

    1. Exactly…”there’s little competitive edge to go thicker when everyone is making their phones thinner.” How about someone like me who doesn’t orgasm because I got a millimeter less on my phone body? I don’t mind thicker, and if I see two phones that are identical but one’s thinner, that means fuck all to me

      1. A thin phone just looks fragile, why the heck would I spend money on that?

  2. “we need to get rid of it”…. nonsense.
    batteries only have a limited number of charges, regardles of how high end they are. If someone shells out for an expensive phone, and likes how it functions, they should have the ability to to have a new, fully functyioning battery when they need it….. or in fact have a spare battery fully charged, instead of carrying, attatching, and charging from a power bank.
    The CAT S60 beats any other phone in regards to water and dust resistance, features a dual sim and removable battery, so that reason is nonsense.

    The main reason phone companies do not want removable bateries is because they will be harder to keep to keep functioning in top form, forcing people to buy new ones.

    Best way to keep a battery workign well is to let it completely run out, and charge it will your device is off. Keeping a battery that is 100% on charge messes its life up majorly, so dont charge while u sleep.

  3. Samsung warranty covers the phone for 2 years, but the battery for only 1. It doesnt seem that they have much faith in it, not sure why this article does.

  4. being able to replace the battery is a far more important feature to me than anything else mentioned in the article :-/

    1. I agree, battery life is the most important feature. I still use a Galaxy S5 and am reluctant to change the phone to one with built in redundancy because it does not have a replaceable battery. If I did it would be a fairly cheap phone. Must be a year since I last used the camera on the phone – much prefer a real camera.

      I can’t think of any other expensive product with such a limited life as a phone.

      1. Heh, same. Still using a Galaxy S5 in 2018 simply because it features a removable battery.

        It’s sad though since its old specs aren’t really catching on with times now and I’m looking into getting a new phone. That’s where China phones come into play. They may be blatant copycats with no creativity, but the low cost for phones with flagship-level specs is extremely attractive. They do sacrifice looks, some functions (that I mostly don’t care about), but if I’m worried about that I wouldn’t have stuck with my S5 after all these years.

  5. The truth…. they make the batteries non removable so that when the battery stops holding a charge, you have to buy a new phone. Its more profit for them. That’s the bottom line

  6. Oh no! My phone might not LOOK as good with a back panel! Better to buy a whole new $1000 phone when the battery goes.

  7. Hey its to use a none removable battery because they last long compared to removable ones

  8. Non removable battery is the main reason I’m sticking with my s5. There have been times the phone freezes & the only way to restore it is to remove the battery..How many people take pics underwater?

  9. The only compelling reason the article lists is water resistance, rain and such even if underwater is not that common. The other reasons are for better looking phones, that are dead by lunch and tethered to a cord instead of in your pocket… You know, like a mobile. But hey, they look good plugged into the wall. You can’t use it, it’s dead but dang sure looks sharp.

    1. No, even that reason isn’t compelling due to the fact that there have already been phones made that are water resistant while also having user replaceable batteries.

      Another thing is if you are smart you would put a protective case around these supposedly “premium” phones that are made of glass and cheap metal since they.aren’t actually all that durable. Which negates how shiny and pretty the manufacturers and those parroting them like to push in your face. It also maginalizes the water resistant feature since a good protective case can provide water resistance.

  10. This article just repeats the same regurgitated nonsense being fed to these lemmings by the phone manufacturers. Anyone with a clue knows the real reason most of them no longer make higher end phones with easily replaceable batteries. Which is their planned obsolescence of each generation. Meaning once the battery begins to fail in a year or two they want you throwing it away to buy their new expensive model.


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