Does Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 plus have a microSD slot


As the first flagship phone we expected to see in 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9 aroused a lot of speculation and discussion before it was released. TechRadar published articles about the speculation that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t be featured with a microSD slot. After the release, we can find the answer.


Does Samsung Galaxy S9 /S9 plus have a microSD slot?

TechRadar tried to guess the reason why Samsung Galaxy S9 will appear without a microSD slot. Some news reported that Samsung was producing 512GB flash memory modules using the new eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) standard at that time. With so much next-generation storage potentially on board the S9, presumably, there’s no need for a microSD port to add even more – it’s a big step up from 64GB and even 128GB.

As we know, both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus have microSD slot which enables to upgrade your S8 or S8+ to 256GB storage. Do Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus really have 512GB flash memory? The truth will let you down. No, they don’t. Therefore, the microSD slot is featured on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, realized by Hybrid SIM slot, which means you can place two SIM cards, or one SIM card and one microSD card. 


This is going to be seen as a bit of a compromise, and that might mean that users will have to pick up the higher memory model if they have an intention of using that much storage. But the good news is that the storage of Samsung S9 and S9+ can be upgraded up to 400GB which is way more than S8 and S8+. Those new-adding features, such as AR emoji and super slow-mo, will occupy a big amount of storage. You will definitely need the extra 400GB storage. 

AR emoji: Create an animated version of yourself that shows off your inner you. Then, get your message across with an emoji that follows your movements and expressions. Show off your personal style. From hair to clothes, you can make your emoji look a lot like you—or who you want to be.


Super slow-mo: Shoot at incredible speed: 960 frames per second, thanks to the super speed sensor. Show off your directorial skills by adding Super Slow-mo bursts to a video or spotlighting one moment.

Although you have to make a choice between an extra SIM card and an extra microSD card, at least you have choice. Samsung is close-in enough in my opinion. Will you upgrade your phone to Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 plus? Comment below to share your opinion with us.

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Does Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 plus have a microSD slot》有2个想法

  1. I bought an s9 in april of last year and the battery was would last a day and a half and now by the end of the day I have to recharge it.

  2. I bought an s9 last april and the battery was would last 1 1/2 days and now it sucks.wont last a day.


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