How many mAh will Samsung Galaxy S9 battery feature


Samsung Galaxy S9 release date has been confirmed — Feb. 25 in Barcelona at MWC 2018. With a large amount of leaked news, you may already have a good idea of this promising Android smartphone. There’s no question that Samsung Galaxy S9 will draw worldwide attention in the debut event, even today, we have to admit that Galaxy S8 [currently $635] is still one of the best phone on the market. 


What do you expect most on Galaxy S9? Is there going to be a big update from Galaxy S8? I’m afraid the answer for that is ” No”. The massive leaks predicted that Galaxy S9 and S9+ would look quite similar to Galaxy S8 line. According to the respected leaker Evan Blass’s saying, neither the 5.8-inch S9 nor the 6.2-inch S9+ will be significant departures from their predecessors. Let’s check out the rumors round-up for the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ following the table below.


What’s still missing? The battery capacity of S9 and S9+. With the growing demand of big phones, higher battery size is what most smartphone manufacturers chasing for. To be compared with the not-redesigned appearance, the Galaxy S9 battery capacity seems not to be that disappointing. Since then, how many mAh will Samsung Galaxy S9 battery feature?

Based off those leaks before, Galaxy S9 is slated to have a 3000 mAh battery, whereas the Galaxy S9+ is slightly higher with 3500 mAh, however the numbers stay the same as the S8 flagship line. Probably you are expecting higher battery capacity on Galaxy S9 and S9+, certainly many customers would feel disappointed about it, but one thing to remember, the processor S9 and S9+ use, Snapdragon 845 is supposed to be up to 30% more efficient than its predecessors. Which in turn, will lead to better battery life. In the positive way, Samsung is improving the operating effectiveness to save the battery, not simply enlarge the capacity instead.

samsung-galaxy-s9-venture-beat-render cropped

As Apple has fallen into the battery scandal and been criticized for months, Samsung would not take any chance to be a part of battery issue anymore, like what happened on Note 7. Instead of how many mAh Galaxy S9 battery features, I care more about the camera specs and stereo speakers, the camera is rumored to be featured with slow motion, and stereo speakers on a smartphone sound really amazing.

If Galaxy S9 is about to be underwhelming, it’s a good chance to purchase a S8, usually the price will be lower as the new flagship is born. Galaxy S9 is expected to be one of the expensive smartphone club which are over $900. Is it worth buying at such a high price? Can’t wait to check it out.

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