How to save Animoji without sending to other people


iPhone X comes with a ton load of new features. One of the features causing excitement is Animoji. Those cute little things with vivid expressions arouse our curiosity and interest. You are willing to play with it all day. Try to make funny expressions, some of which look even stupid. You want to keep the Animoji of your funny face or save Animoji for later usage without sending them to others. If you don’t know how to save them without sending to other people, you should finish the reading.

How to save Animoji without sending to other people?

You can use the method below on condition that you have an iPhone X. Although you can save Animoji in the message thread on other smartphones, saving it without sending to others means you record it on your phone and only iPhone X can record Animoji at present thanks to the notch. Operate as follow steps.

1. Open the Messages app and start a new message.

2. Input your phone number in the contact number box. (Don’t doubt. You can send messages to yourself.)


3. Tap , then tap 


4. Choose an Animoji from the left side of the screen. Or tap    to see your Animoji in full screen.

5. To start recording, tap . To stop, tap . You can record up to 10 seconds.

6. To preview your Animoji, tap . To choose a different Animoji using the same recording, tap an Animoji. To delete the Animoji, tap 


7. To send, tap 

8. Press on the Animoji and swipe up on it until the options Copy, Save or From Animoji show up. And then tap Save.

9. Or tap the Animoji in the message thread to bring it up in full screen, then tap , and tap Save Video.

10. You can find Animoji that you save in the Photos app on your iOS device.

By saving it in your Photo app, you can send it to anyone at any time you want. Now you can make your own motion graph with Animoji for chatting. 

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