What is the iPhone X notch and how it works


Samsung’s latest ad takes iPhone owners on a trip down memory lane and pokes fun at the iPhone X’s notch and other iPhone’s shortage. Although some people think, with this notch, iPhone X isn’t a truly full-screen mobile phone, we need to know more about what is iPhone X’s notch and how it works. Maybe we can show understanding of this lack-of-beauty notch after knowing more.


Apple keeps researching on a full-screen phone by embedding things like cameras and ambient light sensors beneath the display, and it has several patents that prove as much. But the technology is still several years away from being mass-producible, and Apple had no interest in waiting longer to release an iPhone Face ID. How does the full screen display on the iPhone X benefit you Therefore, this notch was left on iPhone X. Apple introduced the iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensor, which crams a ton of hardware into a pretty tiny space — the typical front-facing camera, microphone, speaker, ambient light and proximity sensors are now joined by a new infrared camera, dot projector and flood illuminator, which make Face ID come true. 


How Face ID Works on iPhone X?

The process of face ID recognition is easy to be understood. iPhone X lights up your face, fires out 30,000 invisible infrared dots that highlight your features and create a rough pattern, takes pictures of those dots with the infrared camera and then decides whether the picture looks like you. How to unlock iPhone X

How Apps adapt to iPhone X’s notch

More and more apps have added support for iPhone X, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The interface blends in nicely with the notch and all of the same information are on its respective side of the notch. Video apps, like YouTube and Netflix, have already been updated to work with iPhone X. Videos will take over the full display bringing you an immersive experience, although they will be slightly cropped to fit the iPhone X screen. Best Camera App for iPhone X

However, there are still plenty of apps which don’t support iPhone X’s full display. There will be a large black bar on the top of your iPhone X that makes you feel like you are using an iPhone 8. But Apple states that more and more apps will add this feature. Don’t worry too much.

I believe that in the nearly future the notch on iPhone X will disappear. And we can use a real full-screen phone.


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