How to Connect iPhone X to Computer

The new released iPhone X with so many fabulous features brings users many surprises, especially for the techno freak. The facial recognition, wireless charging, glass body, etc. It is a revolutionary smartphone you can’t miss without question. The first thing you urgently want to do might transfer your photos or other important files from computer to your new iPhone X after getting a new iPhone X. How to connect iPhone X to computer? If you don’t know how to connect it, we will share you the efficient methods to help you solve the problem easily with simple operation.

Part 1:

Here are some solutions when computer not recognizing iPhone X.

1.Download the newest iTunes and install.

2.Check your iPhone X whether is turned on, or you can restart it.

3.Use Apple original cable or brand certification cable instead of unknown cables.

4.Sometimes the connection between smartphone and computer may be out of touch. So please unplug and connect your iPhone X to the computer for a couple of times.

5.Pluck out your iPhone and reboot the computer. That’s the easiest way we usually do.

6.When you see the “Trust this Computer” alert, please unlock your iPhone X and click “Trust”.

7.Try each USB port of computer to see if one of them works.

8.Use Apple original cable or brand certification cable instead of inknown cables.

9.Try another computer. Connect your iPhone to another computer to see whether it is responsive.

When the computer still doesn’t connect to your iPhone X after you tried these 9 solutions. There are another two ways to solve.

1.Check the Apple Mobile Device USB driver in your computer. update it to the new version and restart it.

2.If your iPhone X can be charged when you connect it to the computer, but not detected by iTunes. You can download third party software to test the problem. Next part I will recommend two softwares to you.

Part 2:

Whether iPhone X connects to computer is solved or not, transferring data from computer to iPhone X via iTunes, all photos and music on your iPhone X will be deleted, you may be fed up with iTunes time after time. Then why not choose third party softwares to wipe out your trouble?

AnyTrans and Win X media Trans have been trusted by millions of Apple users to transfer data. No matter if you are ready to upgrade to the iPhone X, or sick of paying for extra iCloud storage monthly, they are the one that understands your cross-platform media backup demand most.



How to Connect iPhone X to Computer》有2个想法

  1. AirDrop is an efficient way to create connection, which allows you to transfer documents, photos and other contents when the devices are at close range (within several feet).

    1st – Enable Bluetooth both on your iPhone and Mac.
    2nd – Click “Finder” on your Mac, which is a blue icon with smiley face in your Dock.
    3rd – Click “AirDrop” under “Favorites” of Finder interface and click “Allow me to be discovered by” > “Everyone”.
    4th – Swipe up on your iPhone’s home screen to access the Control Center and tap “AirDrop”, which might be followed by a receiving status, like “Everyone”, “Contacts Only”, or “Receiving Off”.
    5th – Select a file to share on either device and click “Share” icon. Files like Photos, Notes, Contacts, Calendar and etc created or stored in Apple apps are shareable via AirDrop.
    6th – Click “AirDrop” nearby the “Share” dialog box, then tap the name of the receiving device on the sending device.
    7th – Tap “Save” on the receiving device to save the copy of shared files on the receiving device. After that, you might view your saved files on your device.

  2. You could connect your iPhone to computer with Wi-Fi. You could refer to the following steps to link it.
    Connect your iPhone to a computer with an original USB cable.
    Run iTunes on your computer and ensure that the iTunes is the latest version.
    Click the iPhone icon on iTunes interface, then scroll to “Options” button and check “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi”in the right panel and click ” Apply” to start syncing process.


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