Why iPhone 8 Explode?

Apple’s annual event is the focus of attention of entire consumer market.But this year since the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus officially on sale, one trouble after another. On September 28th, a user in Taiwan found the screen and back of iPhone 8 Plus cracked inside, the battery expanded to 0.5cm. Almost at the same time, a Japanese user showed his raised screen on Twitter. Then in early October, there also appeared iPhone 8 Plus cracked after opened the package in China which probably should also be caused by the battery, the screen already bounced, but it did not occur spontaneous combustion or explosion situation or burning traces. This iPhone expanded before use, which makes consumers very concerned.


The emergence of multiple accidents and mainly concentrated in the Asia area, followed by Australia, Greece and Canada have similar accident reports. On the whole, there are 10 explosions at least after iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus released in one month, moreover, most likely some accidents the public doesn’t know due to the media did not report.

It is difficult to make people think that so many accidents caused by improper operation within such a short time. There are media and social networks use explosion on the Apple battery accident, in fact, this is not accurate. Although the expansion is also a battery failure, it is not the same as the explosion or spontaneous combustion. It is most likely caused by the water molecule exceeding. So what factors lead to water molecule inside?

According to different production process, the impact of iPhone is not the same. Since in many regions and countries have the problem of battery expansion, and the phone involves the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus two models, so the battery foundries may have a greater impact or production flaws. Some small-scale battery manufacturers may be due to the production technics is not mature enough, resulting in the machine is not standardly sealed. But Apple’s suppliers should not make such a low-level error, so this is unlikely.

In addition, poor packaging, man-made damage, corrosion and other reasons are likely to lead to internal water molecules increased, but these should not be the main reason. There are two main possible problems, either Apple supply chain (battery supplier) production problem, or is the battery components problem in the transport process. In another aspect, there are insiders believe that the metal frame and the glass back cover is the problem source. The stretch space of glass is relatively smaller than metal, then the cracking appears between the glass material and the screen. 

Samsung has paid a heavy price to the exploded of Note 7. The previous incident has not been forgotten, so Apple should learn a lesson and work the causes out as early as possible.


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