How to choose a wireless charging pad for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X


Apple catches up the trend of wireless charging eventually. No matter whether you bought iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus or will but the new iPhone X for the long-awaited addition of wireless charging or not, the brand new iPhones have the ability to wireless charging. However, there isn’t a wireless charging pad in the box and Apple’s own wireless charger, AirPower, is still on the way. Therefore, how to choose a wireless charging pad for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X?


Fortunately, Apple adopts a wireless charging standard, called Qi, that nearly every other company in the industry has adopted instead of making its own weird proprietary format, so getting a wireless charger for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X is actually easy and cheap. But you may still need a guide of how to choose a wireless charger from a third party producer.

How to choose a wireless charging pad for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

  • Qi Charging Standard

Make sure the wireless charger you pick up supports the Qi Standard. Although most of phones which support wireless charging apply Qi charging standard, there are some other wireless charging standards out there. Would Wireless Charging Still Work With A Case or Popsocket?

  • 7.5W of Power

iPhone 8/ 8 plus and iPhone X are designed to charge at a maximum speed of 7.5W. If you choose a pad which has power less than 7.5W, you will take more time to charge it fully. Therefore, for the best performance, a wireless charging pad which can provide full speed, 7.5W, will be your best choice.

  • Standard Connector

Wireless charging pads can charge your phone wirelessly, but the pads themselves should be charged through cables. A cable connects a wall charger with a charging pad. As we known, cables are easy to be damaged or broken. Therefore, don’t choose those charging pads with proprietary plugs which are hard to find a replacement. A wireless charging pad with Micro USB or USB-C connector is more suitable. And a Lightning-compatible charging pad will be the best so that you simply need to bring a lightning cable to charge your iPhone directly or wirelessly when you travel out. What’s the Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 8 Available on Amazon?

  • Wall Adapter providing 7.5W of Power

No matter the charging pad comes with or without a wall adapter, you should check the watt of it. As I mentioned above, iPhone 8/ 8 plus or iPhone X are featured with a maximum speed of 7.5W. And the power of charging pad comes with the wall adapter. A 7.5W pad with 5W wall adapter will only charge at 5W.

  • Size and Angle

Wireless charging has been around for years at this point, which has left time for a large ecosystem of accessories to build up. Therefore, you have a lot of choices. There are charging pads with different size and angle. You can choose one according to your usage scenario, reading habit and placement location. Wireless charging pad for iPhone X

  • Reliable Brand

You spent $699 or $799 on your new iPhone, so don’t buy an inferior charging pad for saving such a small amount of money. Electrical current will pass through it and enter into your expensive iPhone. A reliable brand will provide you products with higher quality.

  • Future Proofing

iPhone 8/ 8 plus and iPhone X only support up to 7.5W for fast charging, but the latest Qi 1.2 standard actually offers up to 15W for compatible devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. So if you always replace your phone with a newest one, it might be worth looking out for a more powerful charger that will support future devices. And getting a more powerful charger won’t hurt your lower rated devices, which will charge your devices with the most suitable speed. how-to-choose-a-wireless-charging-pad-for-your-iphone-8-or-iphone-x-recommendation

Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charger

If you believe AirPower is the only reasonable choice, you may have to wait to 2018. But the image will finally come true that in the future we don’t need to bring chargers for phones and can place it onto the wireless charging pad anywhere. After a short period of charging, it will be fully charged and enable you to grab and go.

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