Is iPhone X Worth It


Is iPhone X worth it?When faced with this problem, we should know what is worth mean? There is an economy explain. Worth means the market price is lower than customer’s expectation. So, the feeling of worth comes from two aspects, one is the market price and the other one is customer’s expectation of a product. Then, let’s discuss from market price and customer’s expectation.

How much is iPhone X?


iPhone X is start at $1,000 with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. If the storage rises to 128GB or 258 GB, the price could also rise. If rumors are true, we can’t deny it is the most expensive smartphone that ever have. However, on a report of BGR, it said that Virgin Mobile will provide substantial service for iPhone X purchaser, which make buy an iPhone X a nice bargain.

What is customer’s expectation?


In my stand point, customer’s expectation comes from comparison and the cost to get a product.

Let’s start at comparisons!, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the phone which quiet approach of iPhone 8. Both of them features wireless charging, minimized bezels around the display, OLED screen. Now, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is worth of $929.99. But, Galaxy Note 8 carried 6 GB RAM and iPhone 8 is expecting to have 3GB RAM. IPhone X is saying of “3D” camera for facial recognition and augmented reality. After considering them, maybe iPhone X is worth it at the price of $1,000.


Then, we can also compare it with iPhone 7 which is the latest model before iPhone x launching. It costs $869 with 3GB RAM and 128GB storage. However, iPhone x is far more attractive than iPhone 7. Because its new features such as OLED screen, facial recognition and augmented reality. In this comparison, I think iPhone is worth of one thousand dollars.


Finally, let’s look at the cost of it. IPhone X carry the latest processor,IOS 11. Meanwhile, there are other features such as 3D recognition and augmented reality. All of these are need to pay energy and money to realize it. It seems that we should pay $1,000 for iPhone X.


Nevertheless, whether it is worth or not should also depend on how you value money and your loyalty to iPhone. These two elements also account to the cost of a product. If your salary is just a little more than $1,000, I think you would choose a cost-effective mobile phone. It is anniversary acknowledge that iPhone have a short term of upgrading, once the new model released, the old one will decrease in value.


The problem, is iPhone X worth it, Can be a question which should depend on your situation.


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