How to Save Battery on iPhone 8


Battery life is always a hot issue when using smartphones, without durable battery life, however high end your phone is, it means nothing. The coming of iPhone 8 absolutely makes a stir with many of its revolutions, since it makes the using experience more satisfying, you naturally enter into the issue of saving battery for a long time use.

Quit Running Apps


When you opened up an app and slipped to another one for immediate stuffs, you may take it for granted that the former one is out of your business. Not yet, it works in an invisible way and will drain your phone battery heavily. Generally speaking, you are suggested to quit the background running apps by a slip in the background. However, if you only want some of them turned off you can still realize it by visiting Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.

Moreover, you may find that some apps are unconsciously running even though you didn’t click them on. That is because you have installed them with the perquisite of working automatically when turning on the phone. In this case, you have to come to the privilege management setting in your phone and turn them off one by one.

Turn down the brightness


Undoubtedly, the brighter your screen is, the faster your battery will drain. Under the bright sunshine you may need a brighter screen while in the room; it is ok with a dim one. To adjust them may be troublesome and you are likely to forget them for all kinds of business. The best way is to turn on the auto-brightness. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness.

Turn on low power mode


Low power mode is not strange for most of the phone users. And as long as the power is less than 20%, your phone will warn you by automatically pushing a message. Under this situation, the best way is to turn on the low power mode by visiting Settings > Battery >turn on Low Power Mode.

Cool the notification widgets


Once you opened the data, you are likely to receive various notifications like sports scores, weather updates, entertainment news, etc. These updates in the notification center not only consume data frequently but also bring pressure to the battery. The good news is that you can select the wanted widgets to enable by tapping the “Edit” menu at the bottom of the Today screen.

Don’t fetch


Fetch function aims to push email notification to your home screen which seems important for nowadays businessman. Yet, it also exhausts the battery in its way. A better solution is to check your email via the mail app instead. You can turn off the fetch function by visiting Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.

Disable Location Services


Location service is widely used in many apps, like camera, maps, calendar, shopping app, etc. When you don’t use such apps, you’d better to disable location service for the sake of battery saving. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

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  1. Actually, increasing battery life for iPhone is not such a difficult thing as you think. To make your device run for a longer time, you only need to adjust some settings of your device like reducing the brightness of screen, disabling wireless network, quitting background software and so on.


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