Try iPhone 7S / iPhone 8 cases for free


There’s no such phone can get more attention than the next iPhone. The reveal date of iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 is 12th September, it’s coming really soon. Rumors say that iPhone 8 will definitely create a buzz beyond our imagination as Apple has to make some noise for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. A leak from iPhone 8 case manufacturer suggested some new features, like wireless charging, facial recognition, dual-lens camera with vertical configuration, all-screen design with an OLED display….what we can expect more?


With the acknowledgement of the high-end firmware upgrade and new hi-tech installation, iPhone 8 lineup is predicted to be the most expensive smartphone ever.  Are you still willing to get an iPhone 8 to try the exciting revolutionary features as soon as it is launched ? Or are you waiting for the iPhone 7 price drop after new phone launch? If you haven’t made up your mind to be an early adopter of iPhone 8 due to the high price, iPhone 7S might be a good alternative option for you. Despite there’s not much information released about iPhone 7S,  it won’t be able to steal the thunder of iPhone 8 for sure, but the lower price ( VS iPhone 8 ) and upgraded specs & system ( VS iPhone 7 ) probably attract more customers for a real purchase for its cost-efficiency.


No matter which one you would prefer to have a taste eventually, we offer you a chance to try iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 cases for free! At EasyAcc, we are committed to provide constant improvements of our products through user feedback. Get the users involved in the pre-production and post-production phase is our main goal for branding and trust building. 


How to apply for the free testers of EasyAcc iPhone 7S/ iPhone 8 cases? Simply send an email to with heading “iPhone 7S / iPhone 8 case”,  we will review your submission and get back to you at least 3 working days.

More than 10 stylish and high-quality iPhone 7S / iPhone 8 cases are free for you to have a trial currently, don’t miss it !


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