Best Features of iPhone 8


According to Forbes reporting, iPhone 8 will release in 12th, September. In that report, the author listed some reasons which sound logical. 2017 was the 10th anniversary of Apple Inc. iPhone 8 shoulder the responsibility to celebrate the occasion. Therefore, Apple has an ambitious plan for it and they tested 10 prototypes which lead to various rumors. Actually, it’s hard to say which one is correct. Thus, I list them all.

Wireless Charging


It will be a pleasant thing if iPhone 8 can carry this function. With this, your table will look neater. However, a Fast Company resource has confirmed that it may be late because of the software problem.

Facial Recognition


Facial recognition is not a fresh idea. Galaxy S8 carried this function. However, it was fooled by photos. Problem lies in Samsung’s facial recognition was based on 2D technology, so it was fooled by a still picture. iPhone 8 has a 3D scanner and can conquer this problem.



OLED is the abbreviation of Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED screen will be thinner than LCD screen. It is anti-shock and the screen can be less fragile. What’s more? OLED has a more quickly react which determine it overpass LCD. However, it can’t be massive productive so that cost is high. (Difference Between LCD and OLED)



AR, augmented reality, is a popular technic in mobile phone filed. As you can see from the picture, part of the book is a still picture (also called a 2D picture) and the car in the book is a 3D picture like what we see in real world. This technic makes the picture looks cool. However, it is hard to realize as you can know from the passage.

Hidden fingerprint recognition


iPhone’s fingerprint recognition was placed in the Home button. As iPhone 8 is planning for a larger screen-to-body ratio, so the physical Home button will be removed and the fingerprint recognition place should change. There is a famous rumors depicts that it will underneath of the screen on the front. To realize it, there are a plenty of problems lies in the path of research. That’s why it is also one of most impossible feature of iPhone 8

Last but not least, I would like to address it again – all of the features of iPhone 8 were based on rumors and we should take it with a grain of salt so that we may not feel too disappoint when iPhone 8 can’t realize those features.




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