Which Windows 10 Version is the Best


Since Microsoft’s windows 10 comes out, you get various flavors to choose. More specifically, there are seven versions available on the market: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, and Windows 10 IoT Core. Facing with so many options, some people may get confused which version should be the right one, especially, for those who know nothing about these versions and computers. In this case, the following information may be necessary and helpful.


A few things you need to know

Actually, there is no so-called the best version, rather what your seek for is the most appropriate one. Every version comes with windows 10 core features, and only some different extras for specific users make them different from each other. Before you get into versions, you are better off :

1.Making clear what you will use your computer to do. Generally speaking, for common users, Windows 10 Home is the optimal choice, costing right and running good. However, if you are for education or business, then Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 education is better.


2.Windows 10 core features.

  • Cortana (a digital assistant)
  • Windows Hello (a biometric security system)
  • Virtual Desktop (allows you to create multiple desktops that you can switch between with the click of a button.)
  • Windows Ink (provides a growing number of compatible apps that let you edit, annotate, and doodle with a digital pen.)
  • Edge (Microsoft’s signature web browser and its Internet Explorer replacement.)
  • Windows Defender (software that protects your computer from viruses and malware.)
  1. Check whether the 32 bit or 64 versions your pc can run. When choose an edition of Windows that suits your needs, you must determine what bit version is right for your PC’s hardware. The 64-bit architecture allows the processor to run faster and more efficiently, and it can handle more RAM and thus do more things at once and usually can easily run 32 bit software. However, usually it is suggested to get a version of Windows that matches your hardware.


Four main Windows 10 PC editions

Windows 10 Home ($120), just like I mentioned before, is perfect for most of users as they have not much high requirement for security of business data and complicated projects to manage. Even for gamer, this is a good choice. It allows you to sync Xbox Live accounts, giving you full access from your PC.

Windows 10 pro ($200), is more designed as an assistant for professionals. On the basis of some core features from Windows 10 Home, it pluses some extras include Microsoft Hyper-V, a bunch of added security tools including multi-layer protection and a rigorous update program that prevents devices from falling behind on proper security.


Windows 10 Enterprise, is designed not foe lone users but for medium and large businesses only, and pricing is based on volume. Upgraded from Windows 10 Pro, it pluses access to Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) updates, allowing organizations to update Windows 10 security measures without changing the function of Windows 10. And there are two different versions available: E3 and E5. They differ from each other in the version of Windows Defender which the E5 is equipped with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a beefed up version.

Windows 10 Education, similar to Windows 10 Enterprise, this is specifically designed for students, teachers and administrators, so it is geared to academic institutions, focusing on education apps and utilities.



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