How to Get Podcasts on iPhone

There are a lot of high-quality radio and video on the podcast, which provides very professional and comprehensive broadcast to subscribers. It is really worthwhile to experience. While increased people get used to using podcasts, there are still an amount of people don’t know how to get podcasts. Next is the basic use steps to use podcasts.


Step 1

Launch the Podcasts app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2

Search for the podcast that you’d like to download.

Step 3

If you’re in the actual podcast screen, one of the most convenient thing about is that it lets you subscribe to a podcast rather than having to download individual episodes.

Step 4

After you subscribed a podcast, the app will automatically alert you when a new episode is given out and give you the ability to manually download episodes, at this point by tapping the download button you can save the episodes.

Some podcast that you subscribe will also automatically download the latest episodes. There is an auto download option that users can turn off from the podcast’s main settings to save data.

Apart from the podcast of iPhone, there are many third-party podcast applications easy to use.

Although the podcast app on iPhone has been very easy to use, for most people iPhone podcast app has meet your needs to listen to podcasts. But the shortcomings of inherent podcast app are also obvious, such as inconvenient to read notes, the program is easy into confusion, take up memory and so on. If you subscribe a certain number of the podcast, you will find the inherent podcast app still has certain aspects to improve.

Many podcast app out there. Below are two highly acclaimed podcasts.



This application’s download speed is very fast, not like the speed of Podcast is unstable; Downcast’s settings are very rich, such as assistive touch, update frequency, flow broadcasting and so on. And the user can put iCloud synchronization settings, of course, you can also sync save the list of subscribed broadcasts, or even your favorite radio can also be synchronized to iCloud.



Stitcher streams podcasts to the listener’s phone on-demand, rather than requiring the media be downloaded to the device. Stitcher 3.0 for the iPhone introduced live streaming to the app, which allowed users to select on-demand shows and live streamed talk-radio programming.

A user can add shows to their favorites station using the “Add to Favorites” button. iPhone users can choose to receive SMS updates when their favorite shows are updated. When new content becomes available, Stitcher can also send an email message to a user alerting them that the show was updated, along with a direct-play link.Stitcher offers an Editor’s Picks station that provides listeners access to the content editor’s favorite shows.




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