Best Screen Protector for Surface Laptop


The releasement of Surface Laptop has been quite hot a topic recently, followed by a range of recommendations of relevant accessories. In this article, the editor lists five of the best screen protectors you should buy for your Surface Laptop.


1. FORITO Anti-Glare Laptop Screen Protector
This type of screen protector is claimed to be designed for Surface Book, which is of the same size as Surface Laptop. It performs well in preventing your laptop from scratches and dust, both of which do harm to the laptop in daily use. Besides, you have no worry that it will affect the touch screen operations because high quality touch responsiveness is promised. Another thing that may to your interest is that you can remove it without leaving residue on the screen of your Surface Laptop since there is no use of glue.


2. PcProfessional High Clarity Screen Protector
This type of screen protector is recommended for reasons. First, it has a life time warranty which means that you can trust the quality of the product as well as the after-sales service. Besides, it protects your Surface Laptop from scratch and fingerprint, which makes your laptop screen much more durable. Most of us are worried about radiation which using electronic products, and here comes the third advantage of this screen protector¬¬¬—it filters laptop screen radiation so that your eyes and skin will suffer less.


3. ProElife Tempered Glass Screen Protector
The manufacturer claims that this product fits only Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inches of model CR9-00001, CR9-00013, PA9-00001, SX3-00001, SX3-00013, CS5-00001 and CR7-00001, yet you can have a try on your Surface Laptop, which is also 13.5 inch in size. It is made of high quality tempered glass, which has excellent window display, high sensitivity and comfortable smooth touch feeling and will satisfy you in a large extend.


4. ScreenPatronus Anti-glare Laptop Screen Protector
The first thing to mention about this product is that it is reusable and washable, so you can use it repeatedly through a long period of time, quite cost-effective, isn’t it? Besides, the crystal design ensures maximum image clarity which is demanded by most of us. Moreover, since it is fingerprint free, you won’t find any annoying fingerprint on it.


5. Lexerd Crystal Laptop Screen Protector
Here comes the last recommendation for today¬¬¬—Lexerd crystal screen protector for your Surface Laptop. The crystal design enables that the original colors of videos, pictures or anything else can be shown through the protector. Besides you’ll find a screen protector as thin as this will not affect you while you’re using the screen touch. Still more, it tolerates heat and is water-resistant. All in all, is has an excellent overall performance that would never let you down.


Since Surface Laptop is new released, there is rarely screen protector specially designed for it. But I believe the day won’t be far away when all brands of screen protectors are listed online and on the shelves in high street shops that are tagged with labels of “for Surface Laptop”.


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